US PSN Getting Bejeweled 3 Today

All that glisters is not gold, sometimes, it’s a shiny gem. Shakespeare said that. Well, he said something like that anyway.

The US PlayStation Blog has posted up notice that PopCap’s Bejeweled 3 will be colour-matching its way onto the North American PSN later today. Hopefully that means a European release tomorrow but our blog hasn’t given us any news on the matter so don’t hold your breath.


The game is, by their own admission, going to be a hard sell to people who have played Bejeweled 2 to death and might not see the benefits of updating to another match 3 game. But there are some differences, some additions and some prettier graphics.

Bejeweled 3 features 8 game modes, some of which are very different, here’s what Jeff Green of PopCap said on the Blog post:

  • Classic (regular Bejeweled, but now better-looking!)
  • Quest (kind of like an RPG, minus the characters, story, dialog, or combat, or anything else RPG-related. But there are 40 puzzles to solve!)
  • Zen (You can’t lose! Be happy! You are your own shiny gem!)
  • Lightning (a fast, time-based game kinda like Bejeweled Blitz)
  • Four more “secret modes” of play that you can unlock, but that I can’t spoil here even though you could totally Google it in like one minute!

You’ll probably already know if you’re excited for Bejeweled 3 or happy sticking with a previous version (or a substandard knock off from the AppStore or a Flash game website…) so there’s not a lot more that can be said. It’s good to see something from PopCap though, they’ve been a little bit quiet since their big acquisition by EA.

Source: US PS Blog



  1. Gotta love Popcap games. Incredibly simple but hugely addictive. Shame EA are running them into the ground but what did you expect really.

    • Just wish they’d carried on creating their great games, but since the takeover they’ve just leveraged PopCaps back catalogue on to more platforms

      • Agreed. The sad thing is it was something everyone saw a mile off :(

  2. “but our blog hasn’t given us any news”

    & we are surprised?? :P

  3. I belive the name originates from the phrase :”I’ll pop a cap in yo a$$!”

    • I thought a PopCap was what keeps the cola from falling out of the bottle. :-)

      Or perhaps they just set out to make POPular games for CAPitalist markets?

  4. I’ve only just picked up Bejeweled 2 recently and i found it a bit flat after having played the Time Machine: Rogue Pilot demo. TOMBlitz has whetted my appetite for these games so i might pick it up if there are enough improvements.

  5. I think the game is terrible without a touchscreen or mouse.

  6. I think I’ll have to log in to my US account later and check this.
    Loved Bej2 but I’m unsure what they could add to the game that’s not already been done! Still it’ll be worth a peek.

  7. I don’t know who had the idea of an initial disc release for this game (at least here, in north america). Also, it was pretty funny, because of the $19.99 price tag, people at Wall Mart would place the game at the bargain bin, instead of the new games shelves. LOL

  8. Hmm PS Move could work well with this, don’t fancy using a dualshock.

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