Resident Evil Creator Making A Survival Horror

OK, this is hardly big news or even very exciting but here goes: The creator of Resident Evil, Shinji Mikami is making a new game and has decided to stick to what he knows best, Survival Horror.

The game, codenamed Zwei, is being develeoped by Tango Gameworks, owned by ZeniMax media. For those of you who don’t know, these guys also own Bethesda. I wonder if the game will have big ugly bugs?? I mean the Alien types, of course.


Mikami has previously said that this game will have the biggest volume of staff he has ever worked with. Hopefully this will transfer over to the game. Little else is known about the game other than to expect it sometime in 2013 and expect it to be scary.

Update: The Tango Gameworks website has posted the first art for the game:

Source: Andriasang.



  1. Finally, Res Evil was dead after 4 was released so its great to see that there will be a true survival horror game in 2013.

  2. Good to hear – Siren Blood Curse was probably the scariest game I’ve played on PS3, mainly due to the lack of weapons and looking at yourself through the eyes of the enemies! And it was bloody dark. Could do with some more survival horror!

    • I really liked Blood Curse but the ending undid it all for me.

  3. Bring it on. RE games are great but survival isn’t really their strong point any more (in terms of actual scares Revelations was good however).

    • They have gone completely away from survival horror now. Like you, I still love them but they just don’t have the same scares as the original 3 did.

      • Agreed. The remake of RE on the ‘cube was genuinely terrifying at times. Awesome stuff :)

  4. hmmm… love horror games! =D
    hope it will be worth a day one purchase… =)

  5. Hope it’s a belter.

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