Resistance Trilogy Getting Bundled

[drop2] has listed a Resistance Trilogy pack, featuring the platinum versions of all three PS3 Resistance games. Usually, we’d advise caution about taking these retailer listings too seriously but they’ve got a picture of the box and everything so it must be true, right?

The collection is listed at €59.99, which sounds like a nice cheap way to get all three games if, like me, you haven’t played them at all. The box also seems to feature a cover image in that gorgeous style that Olly Moss created for the Resistance 3 cover.


It’s listed for a May 16th release and it might just be enough to make me play the Resistance series.




  1. Should come with a demo code for Resistance on Vita. Remind people the machine exists.

  2. I think its a bit of a shame that they do a lovely box, but have the Platinum versions within – could they not have given the games their original covers, or even new “trilogy” covers? I know its fairly trivial, but still

    • Probably being thick, but I can’t see a mention of the platinum discs being bundled? If that’s the case it is disappointing to see an awesome package on the outside but ugly platinum covers on the inside.

      • First line of the article;

        “ has listed a Resistance Trilogy pack, featuring the platinum versions of all three PS3 Resistance games”

        & this puts me off too – I hate platinum cases. That silver & yellow is soo ugly!

        Its the only reason i haven’t bought Battlefield Bad Company.

      • Aye, I agree. I’d rather get used copies. Surely they could have put them all one one blue-ray too? Possibly not so cost effective.

        Actually now I’ve typed that I’m appalled, this is clearly an exercise in shifting platinum stock jazzed up with a new box.

      • Yup. Thick and blind.

      • Lol – To be fair to you though, it was pretty easy to miss & the outer packaging is very misleading.

        Plus it’s wednesday. That’s a good enough excuse for anything! :)

      • True. Although I use that excuse for any day!

  3. Resistance: fom didn’t have trophies did it? I’d play back through it if it did. Commence pointless trophy argument

    • Nope, first one didn’t have trophies, and the second game has some rather lengthy multiplayer trophies. That’s why I think MP trophies were axed from R3.

    • Even without the trophies it’s still my favourite in the series and a game i have no problem returning to time after time. Wish i could say the same for the others..

  4. I will give this a miss simply because I hate Platinum covers and discs.

  5. Oh and can I just ask this? There’s a lot of talk lately about the covers of boxes, the batman goty, uncharted 3 goty, now this. Honestly how many of you sit there looking at the box? I literally never do, and it sure wouldn’t affect my decision whether to buy.

    • It wouldn’t bother me, but i can certainly appreciate pretty artwork on a cover.

      The platinum boxes are just disgusting though & i will look for an older copy rather than buy a platinum version.

    • Well my point of view is that if you have a big collection of games (like I do) and they are all on show on a shelf/rack Platinum cases look so damn ugly. I just choose not to buy Platinum games. I’d rather pick up a second hand copy of the game with the original case and disc because you can’t beat the original art work.

    • I’m a bit of a collector so I like the games to look like their original versions, or rare. I think the Platinum cases look ugly too. Sometimes a lot of thought and artwork goes into the case of a game, so the Platinums ones just look a bit poo in my opinion. Obviously makes no difference to the game and this is a great deal for people who maybe haven’t bought/played any of the trilogy.

      • I have Uncharted: Drake’s Fortune and Elder Scrolls Oblivion Game of the Year Edition platinum boxes (well, not Elder Scrolls anymore, it was traded in) and yup, it really makes no difference to the game.

        But oh God, those boxes are ugly. And to think I actually preferred the Platinum boxes on PS1 and PS2 to normal boxes!

        Also, weirdly enough, despite the fact I bought my Uncharted platinum in Gamestop in Midleton (Co. Cork, Ireland), I have the international box. The only English words on the back are ‘Uncharted: Drake’s Fortune!’

        Very strange.

      • Lol, that is odd! :/

    • yeah, you’re too busy pointlessly hunting for pointless trophies, pointlessly to look at pointless box art. Right?

      (That’s a two-comment-spanning joke, right there)

      • I submit, its just too clever, and you’re right too!

      • Its pointless trying to make sense of that pointless comment.

  6. Picked up the first and second for the tidy sum of £4 when game was going under just waiting till the third drops in price

  7. If its true I might pick this up. Still a bit pissed I never got my free copy of Resistance 3 from the Playstation Unwrapped promotion from December.

  8. 59 euros is laughable, can pick the trilogy up in Blockbuster for £25.

    • really? I assumed it was still going to be roughly £15 for the first two and at least £20 for the third?

      • Blockbuster near me (Norwich) has Resistance 1 and 2 as part of a 2 for £10 deal (along with the likes of AVP, previous FIFAs, etc) and Resistance 3 secondhand for £12.

      • Trouble with that is that the 3rd one will require an online pass.

        Still, it does work out cheaper even with that little caveat.

  9. I’ve not played any of the Resistance games, I may pick this up in the future, if the price is right.

  10. Sounds great to me, if I didn’t already have FoM and 2. That box art is lovely though.

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