Rumour: Microsoft To Show Off New Music Service At E3

This one is courtesy of our old friend, the unnamed source so be wary. The Verge is suggesting that they’ve got loose-lipped people in the know to spill the beans about something Microsoft will be showing off in June at E3.

Apparently, the new “spotify-like” music service is called Woodstock, at least preliminarily, and will allow users to create collaborative playlists and listen to them on a multitude of devices, without the aid of browser plug ins. Hopefully that means the dreadful Silverlight won’t be involved in any way.

It’s said to have deep Facebook integration and “scan and match” functions like iTunes Match. It seems to all be a part of Microsoft’s gradual abandonment of the Zune brand.

The service is said to be launching late this year, alongside new Windows 8 phones and the long-awaited OS itself. Microsoft has already said that it wouldn’t be showing off any new hardware but with many of its partners already talking about the next wave of hardware, surely there’s got to be something more exciting to this year’s E3 than a Spotify/iTunes Match clone and more media streaming partners?

We’ll see.

Source: The Verge



  1. I wonder how much ads it will have.

    • haha made me laugh. I would love the PS3/4 to get spotify.

    • probably lots, at least if they have a free service – just like Spotify. I can’t imagine this being any good, but then I don’t really like any of these things. I’ve had a Spotify premium account for ages that I hardly ever use (got it free for six months or a year or something).

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