Theatrhythm Final Fantasy Release Date Announced

Theatrhythm Final Fantasy will be waltzing its way onto the 3DS on 6th July, Square Enix has announced.

If you pre-order with online retailer Amazon you get to tango with a free game-themed stylus. If that wasn’t enough, you can customise the stylus with – wait for it – FREE stickers!

The 17 sticker set features a roll-call of the franchise’s most popular characters including Cloud, Squall, Terra, Cecil and Tidus. No Wakka? Oh, man…

Source: Press Release


  1. This looks awesome. I gots me a Vita instead of a 3DS so all I can say is…MAKEONFORVITADAYONEBY3DSSUXlol.

  2. Coool

  3. I so want this game but alas no 3ds for me :(

  4. Already pre ordered. I just dread how much I’ll spend on dlc though.

  5. This and the other big games recently released really make me want to get a 3DS. I guess I’ll just have to wait until FFX is released on the Vita

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