Crytek: Blocking Pre-Owned Games On Next Gen Would Be “Awesome”

Rasmus Hojengaard, Crytek’s director of creative development, has been speaking to CVG regarding the rumours that the next gen consoles would block the use of pre-owned games.

“From a business perspective that would be absolutely awesome. It’s weird that [second-hand] is still allowed because it doesn’t work like that in any other software industries, so it would be great if they could somehow fix that issue as well,” he said.


As Crysis 2 was named the most pirated game of 2011 you can understand why Crytek want to generate extra revenue.

Crysis 2 was downloaded over 4 million times, but  3,920,000 of those downloads were for the PC version, the figures for the Xbox version are not given but are under 700,000 and the PlayStation 3 version did not even register enough downloads to be counted.

Perhaps Crytek are targeting pre-owned gamers to try and recoup some of the money lost to piracy but if pre-owned is blocked on next gen I cant help but think that the number of pirated PC games is only going to rise.

Source: MCV / CVG



  1. He does have a point though. It’s very common in the software industry to distribute single activation software. There is no second hand software market because most of the stuff can only be activated once. Compared to that paying a fee to devs/publishers to activate a second hand game would have to be considered generous.

  2. Well, I can see Crysis 3 is going to get pirated a fair bit now. Not the best statement to put out there.
    I know the first 2 already were pirated a lot but this is not going to help the case of number 3.

  3. *aims sniper rifle*

  4. Maybe the devs should buy their product back when I discover that it sucks.

  5. Crytek actually making a proper ‘game’ and not a tech demo to try and sell their new engine would be ‘awesome’.

    • well put, i found that only the first Crysis had a coherent plot after that it degenerated very very quickly.

  6. I will NEVER buy crisis 2 new EVER. Can’t affor to spend £40 on a game and hope its good. If its second had for under a Tenner then I’ll get it. If its truly good enough then I will buy number 3 with the acceptance crytek made quality games. No 2nd hand market no crysis for me….EVER.

    • I don’t get it. People always think they have to choose between buying a new game for 40 quid or buy it second hand. Most games drop in price after a few weeks to the point where it almost doesn’t make any sense to buy second hand. You still support the dev and get a cheap copy of the game.

      • I agree that some games do come down a bit in price, however I recently bought games like gears 2, ME2, madden 10, FIFA 11 (and more) at prices between £3 and £5. Also today bought rocksteady table tennis for 48p. It’s quite a difference. Also the 2nd hand market could be what’s driving the price reduction on new. If its gone there is a chance these games won’t drop.

      • Those are some truly ridiculous prices. I guess you can’t beat that. Here in Germany you simply will not find games as cheap as that. Buying new games that were discounted from the UK is often cheaper than buying second hand over here…
        I’m sure there would be outcries of rage if the UK ever picked up on pricing schemes similar to the rest of Europe.

      • It depends on the game though. I recently bought Skyrim (after having my LoveFilm copy for 3 months!) and the cheapest I could find it new was £30. Looking again just now it’s only down to £25 and this is a game that is nearly 5 months old!
        I picked up a used copy for £15. If the new copies were going for £20 now, I’d have bought it new so they lost a sale for being too expensive

  7. “From a business perspective that would be absolutely awesome. It’s weird that [second-hand] is still allowed because it doesn’t work like that in any other software industries, so it would be great if they could somehow fix that issue as well,” he said.

    and it’s weird that only in this industry are they even thinking they have a right to stop preowned sales.

    maybe other software industries do it because they allow users to install the software on their machines and not use the disc any more, that doesn’t happen with games that come on disc 99% of the time.
    and i’ve seen plenty of other types of software sold preowned.

    if they’ve got a problem with piracy, then go after the bloody pirates, they have no right to tell me what i can do with my property.

    and people say it’s the gamers who have an inflated sense of entitlement.

    crytek are now on my list, but then they’re in bed with ea aren’t they, so they were probably on it already.

    mind you, no great loss in my opinion, i can’t say i’ve enjoyed a single one of their games.

    • Well said. Can you imagine if the movie industry tried to pull this sh*t and it’s far easier to pirate DVDs than games anyway.

      I can see games disappearing very quickly if this happens. I have an N64 with Goldeneye which I bought from Gamestation a few years back. Classics like that would be dead and gone if there was no used market.

  8. I know am late to the party here lol but what if Sony or MS opened up their own store so therefore preened games that gets traded in, in their shop the profits of the pre pre owned games will still be added to sales of the game & developers still get their cut as if they would if the game was brand new

    If any of that made sense

  9. Given Crytek games are usually a few hours long and offer no replay value I’m not surprised he has this view lol. Still makes him a money-grabbing [email protected] though…
    I share the view of a lot of people though, if the next gen consoles block pre-owned games I won’t be investing and will stick with the 3DS and WiiU – assuming the latter doesn’t adopt the same “strategy” of course.

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