EA Trademarks SimOcean

Look, SimCity is getting rebooted. So, it’s entirely possible that EA is going to gather up trademarks and register domains simply so that others don’t grab them. That’s a fairly standard practice in a world full of people trying to cash in on other’s success.

That said, the news reported by Siliconera, that EA has trademarked SimOcean is interesting enough for those of us who were around for the boom in Sim games like SimTower, SimFarm and SimAnt. Could EA be about to embark upon another bout of games in varied Sim settings?


Siliconera don’t link to their source for the information and the only trademark with that text I could find on the UK database was filed in 2003 in Germany. That trademark was also related to computer software but sounds more like it was a scientific application – perhaps some sort of physics engine. There is a screengrab of the EA filing listed on Siliconera’s story but no link through.

According to those who have seen it in action, the GlassBox engine being used to make SimCity is quite versatile so it’s entirely plausible that Maxis will be given a bit of leeway in how they use it.

Source: Siliconera



  1. And thus began the milking of the Sim franchise. Sorry, i’m a bit of a cycinal bar steward when it comes to EA.

    Think it will be a ship sim unless they literally mean ocean but an ocean sim doesn’t sound much fun. Could be relaxing in small bursts though.

    • Begin the milking? I thought the milking began when they released 17 expansions and stuff packs for the Sims 2.

  2. I could’ve sworn that they did Sim Ocean ages ago, but I think I’m remembering bits of Sim Life or Sim Earth..
    Ah, Sim Tower.. now I really enjoyed that one!

  3. they’ve done sim everything else, simfarm, simearth, simcity, there was even a simant if i recall, so simocean doesn’t sound too far fetched.

    • I mentioned SimAnt in the story!

      SimEarth was a bit bonkers, wasn’t it? That had all the Gaia theory stuff in it, about earth functioning as one big organism, if memory serves.

  4. Lol, SimAnt was fun, trying to get into the house. . . for about half an hour.

    personally i think if it is an ocien game, probably be like an biological evolution game, either that or you like build a coral reef or something to that effect. . . actually that would be fun. don’t steal my ideas EA.

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