Playstation All-Stars Battle Royale – First Footage

Super All-Star Smash Royale Bros. Battle
Sony has, via GTTV, shown off their Smash Bros-esque fighting game. Whilst we’re hoping for a proper reveal later today, enjoy the first footage of PlayStation All-Stars below.


From the vid it’s clear there are obvious references to the Nintendo game, but this features four player online, much more animated levels and also features some third party characters.

This is the (terribly kept secret) SuperBot developed fighter that everyone’s been hyping for some time now – does it tickle your tastebuds?



  1. Grrrr doesn’t work on iPad :-(

    • Of course not, it’s a PlayStation game! Silly.

    • Works on my iPad.

  2. Awesome…

  3. Finally something to rival the PSN’s Rag Doll Kung-Fu which is awesome, hopefully it has the different modes like King Of The Hill & stuff to add variety

  4. Seen a very rough screenshot and it looks very Smash Bros-y. Never really got any hands on with that series but I think I’ll enjoy this more than a traditional 2D fighting game.

  5. i saw PaRappa, cool. ^_^
    looks like they’re going back a long way for the characters, i’d love to see Lammy too, from the Um Jammer Lammy spin off game.

    anyway, there’s definitely potential there.

    i wonder though, could Snake star in two companies brawl type games?
    he’s already been in the wii game.

    • Would love to see Crash in it.

      • +1

      • i can’t see Crash missing this one.

        hmm, Spyro would be cool too.

    • Lammy was awesome, I particularly loved that level with the caterpillar nursery – had me grinning every time I played it.

  6. If anyone finds a YouTube let me know.

  7. My girlfriend will love this. I hope they add some Final Fantasy characters. The Smash Bros. formula simply works. All they need is funny items to throw at your friends’ faces.

  8. I didn’t think I was interested in this … but that looks pretty cool :)

  9. Looks awesome. I love super smash bros. I am impressed; day one probably.

  10. Looks like it’s just what we have been hoping for. I’m psyched for the inclusion of Radec. Can’t wait for E3 now with more reveals, and with a release this holiday season I’m stoked.

    Love Smash Bros, and it looks like Superbot is attacking it from the right angle.

    I’m also happy to hear that the dev is made up of talented people from Santa Monica and fighting game specialists.

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