Meet the Reader: Mickey2010

Another interview, and this time it’s Mickey2010 in the hot seat. You may know him on PSN as FontanaBoy, though.


OK, we’ll we start off with the standard trio of questions: who are you, how old are you and where do you come from?

Well I’m Mickey Fontana, I’m 21 and I’m from Carlisle.

That’s a pretty cool name, I must say. You sound like a bit of a gangster.

Haha, I have been told that a few times over PSN. It’s because my Dad’s side of the family are Italian. My uncle is even called Mario! Haha!

Excellent. I’ll always fondly remember that moment from Assassin’s Creed 2, when they meet Uncle Mario.

I have platinumed that game and can’t remember! I have literally got the worst memory. My dad was going to call my older brother Mario, because of the games, but decided to stick with Paul. Poor choice.

Ah, so a bit of a gaming lineage running from your dad down to his offspring? Was it your dad that introduced you to gaming? 

Oh, and in AC2, it’s when you go to the Monteriggioni town, and Mario comes out and goes “Do you not remember me? It’sa me! Maaario!”

Yeah, he was not a hardcore gamer or anything, but he loved the classics like Mario, Spyro, Crash and Alex Kidd.

I’m trying to think of Uncle Mario in Assassin’s Creed 2. I’m going to have to YouTube it!

So, where did you start off with your own gaming? 

Well I used to sneak on my Dad’s PlayStation 1 when he was at work, and play the ‘older’ games he had in his tiny collection. I think I started playing Parasite Eve and could not do it for the life of me, then had a go at Resident Evil and was equally rubbish at that, so kind of give up gaming at first.

I have a funny story about Crash, actually. My Mam was going into labour with my Sister, and my Dad refused to take her to the hospital until he finished Crash Bandicoot, as he was close to finishing the game.

I’m sure that didn’t go down too well. Did your Dad manage to get her to the hospital in time? Or did he get stuck on the final boss for hours and hours?

Well my Mam ended up going up with the neighbour, and my Dad got up just in time for the birth! He didn’t finish the game though, because I vaguely remember my Mam being angry that he made her go on her own and still couldn’t finish the game! He did the same with one of my brothers but he was halfway through watching the first Jurassic Park and made my Mam wait! What a guy!

Haha. Your Mum sounds like a bit of a trooper. Bless your Dad’s total blinkers.

So, you said that your first experiences on PS1 didn’t really go too well (though, to be fair, WAY above your age range, I’m sure), how did you eventually see the attraction and really get into it?

My Dad bought me a PlayStation 2 at launch to share with my three brothers, and that’s how I got into it really.

Oh, I was pretty good at Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater on PS1 though. I whooped ass!

Nice present, I’ll bet! Though, I’ve no doubt there was many a fight over who got to play at any one time. Do all your siblings play games too?

Yeah, but its very weird. I’m the only one who plays a wide variety of games, my brothers are into the likes of what is ‘hot’ at the time, like Call Of Duty, FIFA, etc.

That is quite weird. Was it quite an early divergence, or a more recent thing?

More recently, since Modern Warfare 2. I tried introducing them to Battlefield but they did not like it one bit.

Found Uncle Mario on YouTube. Now I Remember!

Classic homage moment, there! That’s a bit of a shame, I’m sure a trio of brothers would have made quite a phenomenal team on BF3.

It was, it made me laugh watching the video back!

We could have been awesome, we are very competitive on FIFA and UFC though!

Joining up the dots here, I’ve seen you played on a PS1, and had a PS2, now you’ve obviously got a PS3; are you a single console manufacturer kind of guy?

Yeah, you guessed correctly. PS1, PS2 and PS3. I love Sony, mainly for their better selection of exclusive titles on offer compared to Xbox. Plus I have had two Xbox 360 consoles RROD on me, so I wasn’t really a fan of Xbox after that. My PSN name came from an Xbox though.

Ah yes, you’re not Mickey2010 on PSN, but…

Well I was playing on my brothers Xbox and his addy was CarlFontana or something along those lines and I took down some American guy on Burnout Paradise and got hurled on the mic ‘Yo not cool man! that f’ing Fontana boy took me down, the jackass.’ so that’s the reason I used it. People seem to think on PSN it’s because I’m from somewhere called Fontana in America though.

As a delightful taunt to a fallen opponent? Nice. I often have people think I’m a DuPont rep.

I had a game of Burnout the other day on my PS3 and it felt like I wandered into Chat Roulette. I took the same guy down about five times, and he got that pissed off, so he flashed his meat and two spuds on his mugshot! Disgusting.

The wonderful world of people that are allowed on the internet is difficult to grasp at times. You should’ve saved the image, and sent it in to Sony. Get that chump banned.

I got told the images save automatically, so I may just do it. It is a wonder why these people are allowed and internet connection, let alone a PSN account!

I think there’s a Grief Report option when you press triangle on someone’s name? If he’s in your recent members (Ha!) met section, then it’s all sorts of easy. Anyway, it’s time to ramp the difficulty of these questions up a little. What’s your favourite game of all time?

Favourite game of all time… Hm, that’s a toughie; it’s like asking who you would rather shoot Jedward or Dappy. However, it may probably be Mass Effect 2. I thought it was literally awesome in every way! It’s rare that I say a game is nearly perfect!

(I wrote about 6 or 7 games then deleted them because it was a hard choice)

Jedward. That’s an easy one. So easy. Simply, you’d get two bullets! Twice the pleasure. What was on your runners up list?

Or I would take one of the Jedward twins out and take Dappy out, so then at least I don’t got to here about Dappy being a ‘gangster’ in The Sun every week!

There was the original Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater, Uncharted 2, Heavy Rain, GTA San Andreas, Need For Speed Underground 2 and Twisted Metal Black!

Some interesting choices in there, but enough about stuff you like. What game are you most embarrassed to have played? Did you even enjoy it?

The Wacky Races game on the PS2 because it was AWESOME!! It was cartoony madness at its finest!

So why do you find it embarrassing?

Because I still play it too this day sometimes and friends and family mock me for it quite a lot.

Oh, also both of the 50 Cent games. They get such bad reviews but there good little shooters, really.

They sound delightfully bad to me…

They’re bad, but they’re also good! Nothing is better then running around the world for a crystal skull, shooting thousands of terrorists in the head!

And I complained that MW2‘s plot made no sense…

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  1. nice to meet you Mickey :)

    Agree or disagree I thought Charlie Brookers 50 cent review was worth a laugh. Peace

    • Just watched that video a few weeks back! Love Charlie Brooker!! What do you think of Jon Jones mate? I dont think Hendo can stop him.

  2. Great read mate, pleasure to meet you! And thanks for the shout out!

    • Same to you btw Corbin is an awesome name!

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