EA Launch ‘SpawnPoint’

EA have launched a web based video show entitled ‘SpawnPoint’ which will showcase the legions of rabid EA fans and the videos and art they create.

This is a rather clever move as it’s not EA saying ‘Look, we’re fab,’ but EA saying ‘Look, someone else says we’re fab! Woo!’


Not exactly blowing their own trumpet, more receiving a crafty reach around from their fans.

In keeping with the fandom theme, the show is presented by a typical geek who looks like he has spent the last twenty four hours playing Mass Effect 3, surviving only on Doritos and Red Bull.. oh no wait, it’s a blonde with a bit of cleavage on display. 

Source: YouTube



  1. What happened to ‘Pawned’?

    • I think that’s still going. At least, I think I delete an email about it without reading every now and then.

      • Well after watching this video, I hope they don’t email me about this one as well, I think I’ve successfully unsubscribed from EA (and most of the other big publishers).
        The video just comes across as pretentious and cringe-worthy.

      • Yeah.. but.. boobies!

      • They aren’t boobies, these are boobies! (•Y•)

  2. why do they even bother with this tripe

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