New Lollipop Chainsaw Trailer

You can keep Black Ops 2 and Medal Of Honor: Warfighter, Lollipop Chainsaw is the game I am most looking forward to this year.

The new trailer (featuring story, no less) finds our heroine beheading her boyfriend and then keeping him as a novelty key ring.


It’s bonkers and has rainbow flavoured chainsaws, what’s not to love?

Source: YouTube



  1. no subtitles?
    but basically,scantily clad nut ball with chainsaw batters zombies.
    i’m in!

  2. it does look like its going to be fun :)

  3. what on earth happened to that guy to make chopping his head off with a chainsaw the best option?

    or should that be chopping his body off considering he’s still alive as a head.

  4. I’d give my whole body just to be that head stuck to her ass.

  5. I can’t not buy this! :D

  6. That looks fucking mental. I watched with no sound and am now completely confused, though quite intrigued. Typically pervy and crazy Japenese game

  7. you just knew that this article was gonna get pervy!
    its a cartoon she’s not real!

    • What is real?

    • Why wouldn’t we enjoy a female figure be it real or drawn

  8. Looks like a crazy game!!!!
    Amazing how that massive chainsaw came out of that holdall, unless she’d borrowed Sport Billy’s Omni-Sack (google it kids!)

  9. A head-only sidekick? Self-copying much, Suda-san?

  10. Agh! Firewall strikes again! Can’t wait to see the trailer!

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