Sky Go Crashes Ahead Of Manchester Derby

Mobile and Xbox 360 versions of the Sky player are falling over as the sheer amount of people wanting to watch the Manchester footy derby bring the system to a halt.

With just minutes before the kick-off, Sky have said that they’re working “double-time” to fix the issues that have prevented the internet-base service from working.


The regular TV service is fine.



  1. iPad version is working fine, thankfully. I’m in college, so I have to make do with that.

    Doubt I’ll be doing much work the rest of the night.

  2. FrontRowSports is holding up nicely ;)

    • I should say FirstRowSport actually :P

  3. Sadly it wasn’t worth watching anyway.

  4. Spurs and Man City each moved up a place, sunday and monday were good days. ^_^
    now if spurs can take third place back from Arsenal, that would be great.

    • Amen to that sister/brother*!

      *Delete as applicable

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