Apparent “Call Of Duty Black Ops 2” Screens Leaked

We obviously can’t vouch for the authenticity of these screens, but they are apparently from the next Call of Duty game that’s heavily rumoured to be grabbing the limelight tonight in a big reveal, and is said to be a sequel to Black Ops.

They were first published by Japanese site Doope and then pushed Westward by Kotaku, via AGB.


The currently unconfirmed, unannounced Call of Duty game is meant to be set in the near future, something backed up by those screens. We’ll know for sure tonight.



  1. Black Ops 2. AKA Modern Warfare 4 now apparently. I saw another leaked poster last night. It had a similar theme to those pictures above.

  2. Seem legit. We know the quadrotors are gunna be in there so I’d always assumed since then that Treyarch had been forced to modernise a little and bring their games finally into the 21st century. I have to admit im a little bit more excited now that Treyarch have moved on from grainy, cold war games.

  3. those drones are going to be awful in multiplayer

    • yep, and a gimmick just like the C4 remote car.

      • RCXDs were dreadful.

      • I agree the drones will be spectacularly bad in multiplayer but the RC-XD’s weren’t bad at all.

      • how dare you..i use 2000 rc cars and never found them gimmicky at all

      • there overpowered with hardline though, anyone can get a 2 kill streak and one rc-xd equals a kill or two sometimes

  4. Thats certainly something different for a CoD game. Those vTols look quite futuristic.

    • ignore that, on closer inspection they look like drones.

  5. …Metal Gear?

  6. Yawn of Duty.

  7. Leaked my arse…god I hate the way Activision do their marketing, its so boring and predictable.

    • Sorry to hear about your leaky arse!! Still at least you’ve got a new COD game to look forward to :)

  8. Yay! another Call Of Duty! *sigh*

    I hope they can just make it exciting again the last COD i really enjoyed was World At War.

  9. Why Black Ops 2?
    Why not World at War 2? Or even another new title? “Vietnam?”

    I would’ve though Treyarch would want to distance themselves from Black Ops seeing as it was a complete mess and one of the worst CODs so far.

    • Activision does it all time, the next one will surely be something else. If you look back at previous franchises (dead)

    • Probably because it’s been done to death. I think we’ve seen enough CoD’s set in the past.

      • we’ve seen enough modern day cods too.

    • Once it got patched and the multiplayer worked without lagging every 10 seconds it was actually great fun to play. Definitely the best/most enjoyable one. I won’t even talk about Modern Bore-fare.

      • My biggest problem with it was the abominable hit detection which I believe they didn’t fix.
        The 576p resolution, average 40fps on PS3 and awful sound effects were the icing on the cake.

      • its supposedly playing at 1080p but the upscaling has done nothing for it. i’ve been playing mw1 on pc at proper 1080p and swithing back to black ops (ps3) is like switching back to ps2 as far as resolution goes.

  10. Quick call the Daily Mail!

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