Apparent “Call Of Duty Black Ops 2” Screens Leaked

We obviously can’t vouch for the authenticity of these screens, but they are apparently from the next Call of Duty game that’s heavily rumoured to be grabbing the limelight tonight in a big reveal, and is said to be a sequel to Black Ops.

They were first published by Japanese site Doope and then pushed Westward by Kotaku, via AGB.


The currently unconfirmed, unannounced Call of Duty game is meant to be set in the near future, something backed up by those screens. We’ll know for sure tonight.



  1. Reminds me of Halo, and they actually looks pretty good.

  2. Looks nothing like the Cold War stuff from the first Black Ops. Shame.

  3. I don’t like those screens at all. It looks like a hybrid of Halo and Modern Warfare, which really makes the game look unoriginal and uninspired.

  4. its almost defiantly a modern day cod. the drone in the first picture went into service in 2009 and that quadrocopter is obviously still a concept.

  5. also aren’t these taken from the offical call of duty website?

  6. Here is the plot to Blops 2. American is at war with Russia, an evil Russain threatens to nuke the world and an American Solider is sent to deal with him. A lot of set peices later and the American wins. Credits roll. Source:Every modern shooter that has been released this generation.

    Would have thought that Blops 2 would be set after the events of BLOPs 1 as i think Acti is trying or were trying to create two COD series, one mainstream whilst the other is a spin off.

  7. I for one really didn’t mind the RC-XDs, just anther way to kill people. As far as I’m concerned though, nothing big

  8. Not buying. BF3 FTW.

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