GT Academy Starts Today

A couple of weeks ago Sony announced that the GT Academy would be returning this year. From 5PM BST today players will be able to participate in the competition.

The GT Academy content will be available from the store and will not require Gran Turismo 5 to use. This content is for stage one of the qualification event, this being online qualification. There will be a total of eight online events with a new one appearing every fortnight.


Each round will hold five different challenges that the player will need to pass in order to advance to the next one. Round 8 is the final round and those who rank in the top 16 of this round will have a chance to attend the National Final, which takes place in July.

Those who get gold rankings in the challenges will also unlock the cars used in Gran Turismo 5.

Source: PS Blog.



  1. Unlock cars? That’s interesting.

  2. Gonna give it a go but don’t think I’ll get any where close.

    • Everyone has the same car setup Cam, there is no tuning allowed. All that you can alter is Traction control and ABS which TBH you won’t be needing either….apart from the occasional ABS set to 1, so realistically everyone is in with the same chance.
      On saying that though, some people still find tenths from somewhere lol.

  3. I will try this and it sounds like a fun layout, but the people that will win will be unemployed and have too much time on their hands.

  4. supposedly the cars will be new but they may only apply to a few or just a single prize cars for everyone at the end like last years gt acadamy.

  5. It’s live on the store now, but I had to search for it!

    • Yup, and it’s a 3GB download too!….that’ll take an hour on mine :/

      • bah, I’ve only got 4GB free on my HDD. So although it’ll download there won’t be room to install.

      • Time to sort the Wheat from the Chuff mate and get deleting :P

  6. Can we access it through GT5 or do we have to download it afresh?

    • Not sure about that, I just searched for it on the store and started the 3GB download. I’d doubt that it’ll be available in-game though like the tracks and cars DLC are….dunno!

    • no its a standalone game.

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