Hi Rez Issues Tribes: Ascend Beta Infographic

Tribes: Ascend is easily one of the best game’s we’ve had come our way this year. It’s a masterfully put together online arcade shooter, not only showcasing precise gunplay and a fluid method of navigation but a plethora of customization options too.

Uniquity is hard to come by nowadays, especially in a genre which every publisher has in its cross-hairs, yet Tribes delivers an experience quite like no other. Not to mention the fact it’s completely free to play.


Speaking to our very own Gareth Chadwick, all he seems to have done for the past few weeks is rack kills and hit the slopes of Ascend, granting the Hi Rez Studios shooter a coveted 9/10. According to the following infographic issues by the developer, he hasn’t been the only one.

Tribes: Ascend is available right here without having to shed a single dime.



  1. Oh go on then, Ill give it a download

  2. what the heck’s a blueplate special? o_O

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