Massive Poll: Do You Regret Buying Move or Kinect?

Move and Kinect have been in the shops for over a year now and millions of consumers have purchased the hardware. The outlay was considerable, with Move requiring at least the purchase of a controller and a PS Eye (£45), Kinect costing considerably more (over £100).

The gaming world was braced and ready for quality motion control blockbuster titles and what did we get? Dance games, party games and Wii-style shovelware.

A few big titles, such as Mass Effect 3 and Killzone 3 have optional support but, so far, developers have failed to deliver a killer game for either system so for many people, the hardware is gathering dust.

Do you regret spending all that money on tech you barely use or are you hopeful that this year’s E3 will finally bring us some decent games aimed at the ‘hardcore’ gamer?

The poll closes at midnight Friday, get voting TSA!


  1. I’d be tempted to say that the two should be voted for separately. My opinion of Move differs to that of my opinion of Kinect.

  2. Yes, I regret buying my PS Move. Luckily I didn’t buy the other analog part thingy (can’t remember the name).
    Hopefully Sorcery will change this though.

    • Navigation Controller thingymajig?

      • I just call it a Nav for short. Matches with Move.

    • At least move was only 30 quid for me, which is about an extra 3 quid per game I’ve used it for. (Although Killzone 3 was finishable because of it, made me like an FPS for once, the sharpshooter really shouldn’t exist though…)

      • Whachu talkin bout Willis? The sharpshooter is, I think the missing piece that pulls the whole move setup together. Plus, when you’re playing a house of the dead or dead space extraction the point and shoot is sooo much more fun. That and the reload in KZ3 is pump-action! What more do you want?

        Such a shame that Sony never managed to get somebody big like DICE onboard to make it an option for BF3…

  3. There are one or two games that the missus and I enjoy playing (I actually got the first controller for her with Sports Champions). There’s Just Dance 2.. and that’s about it. Enjoyable, but not a lot of choice. Quite expensive for some kit that gets the dust blown off it every month or two really!
    Luckily, House of the Dead has managed to keep me occupied with the move controllers recently, so I hope E3 will announce a few decent titles before I get bored of my current Move games and the dust gathers again.

  4. Ask me again when I’ve played Sorcery. If it’s good, then no. If it’s crap, then probably. Sports Champions and Time Crisis 4 were fun but I need more than that. Killzone I wasn’t fussed on, didn’t wanna buy the gun attachment for it.

    Kinect, not owned or used, not been fussed, though Skyrim kinda makes me want that now.

  5. I don’t regret not buying both.

  6. Not voting, as i never fell for either gimmick! :D

    I am just kidding of course as i do see their purpose, but they both seem to have fallen into the pit of ‘lack of decent/grown up games’ (delete as appropriate).

    But these clearly weren’t marketed to me either… “Now you can get up, interact with your games & dance or jump around like a loon”.

    No thanks.

  7. I’m still hopeful, bring on E3!

    Move/Nav are excellent controllers (except for you can’t really browse XMB with them as there is no R1 and it is Required for scrolling through a friends id’ tabs), but there has been no games.
    I have however enjoyed Sports Champions and No More Heroes: Heroes’ Paradise.

    • All you have to do it hit the T button on the back of the move and then move it about, same in menus to switch the controller off using itself.

  8. Massively regret buying Move

    Apart from a spot of cursor drift & the occasional losing track of the glowing orb in certain lighting conditions – it absolutely works as advertised and how all the concept vids lead us to believe.

    Sadly Sony didn’t bring their A game, all their top devs continued to work on their existing projects and Move was only implemented as an alt control scheme, if the tech was giving Sony’s full backing and spread over a few years studios of the quality of Naughty Dog, Guerrilla & others made a Move exclusive game then I really think the sky could have been the limit for this marvellous tech, but as it’s treated largely as an add-on as opposed to something closer to the core support was always going to fall short of what it could.

    • Yeah, i have a Move but wouldn’t even try it in a competitive KZ3 match.

    • Totally agree with this. The tech is spot on and the games like Sports Champions and The Fight that use it well are fantastic fun but sadly there are precious few of these gems and in most cases it’s an alternate control scheme that works less well than the normal option

    • Same here. A shocking waste of money up until now. I even waited – idly hoping that the Move library would be better – as it was a Christmas pressie to myself as I’d run out of things to “wish for”, etc.

      If Sorcery, PixelJunk 4am and a few others are up to much then I’ll take back my current opinion. As of now – and what really bites – is how Sony banged on about it. Sure, most companies do. It’s inevitable. However, Sony REALLY went on about it and the support correlation has been nothing short of abysmal until now.

      It’s the one bit of hardware that I really feel cheated on.

      • Wholeheartedly agree, it’s had terrible support and the whole thing smacks of 32x or megacd to me, pish poor.

        Move has seemed almost entirely pointless to me and represents the worst bit of kit I’ve bought – even beating the Atari Jaguar. Luckily my girlfriend bought a 360 hdd drive, so I get to laugh at her still.

        I want 4AM, a kendo game and a decent RTS (not RUSE) for Move and then I might reconsider.

        Kinect however sees a lot of use, Child Of Eden almost Daily, along with certain elements of Leela and the voice dashboard navigation (as my GF is always “tidying” away my pads). My GF also really likes Dance Central, Leela and Kinect Adventures.

    • Yeah, cursor drift is annoying. Especially on rail shooters where you flick the controller to reload. The more reloading, the more drift.

  9. Never bought in to both as my room is just to small!

    • *too

      • There is a zoom thingy for Kinect, unofficial but fairly practical they say.

  10. No regrets, it was cheap as i had a camera and just needed to buy one Move controller and it does exactly what i expected, a bit of Wii-like fun when friends are visiting.

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