More Mario Tennis Open Details Released

Nintendo has released more details about Mario Tennis Open, which releases on 3DS on May 20th.

The new features include multiplayer, StreetPass functionality, a new game mode and the ability to unlock characters.


Multiplayer will allow players to compete against or cooperate with other players in local wireless matches. Winning matches will increase the players Open Match ranking and collect Victory Medals from defeated opponents.

Ink Showdown is a game mode Piranha Plants spit ink balls from the back edge of the court. Players have to hit these ink balls before they land and break apart, while hitting regular tennis balls too.

StreetPass Features will allow players to compete in StreetPass Matches or cooperative Ring Shot challenges with computer-controlled versions of people they encounter and share their StreetPass winning streak.

Mario Tennis Open will also include unlockable characters, some that can be unlocked in game, while others are unlocked using special QR Codes. Unlockable characters include Luma, Baby Mario and Dry Bowser.

Source: Nintendo



  1. What they don’t mention is that the game supports download play (i.e. 4 player with just a single cartridge). Easily the best feature on any console ever.

    • Thanks for posting this comment.
      That’s the one feature I was looking for and will help me decide whether to get this or not.

      Both me and my daughter have got a 3DS, but it gets expensive if I have to buy two copies of games.

      I just hope the single-cart multiplayer isn’t restricted too much.

      • No problem :)

        “I just hope the single-cart multiplayer isn’t restricted too much.”
        That’s what I’m a bit concerned about too. Typically Nintendo are quite good with what they offer via download play but I’ll be happier when I hear some more details lol

  2. Another 3DS game i’m looking forward to. Being released so close to Max Payne 3 though could mean it’ll have to wait.

  3. Extra characters by QR codes. Hopefully the pictures will be online.

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