Olwyn To Join Wrath Of Heroes Roster Next Week

During the weekend BioWare Mythic has come forward with its next playable character for high octane 6v6v6 bloodbath simulator, Warhammer Online: Wrath of Heroes. Next Tuesday (May 8th) will see the arrival of its first Dwarf hero, Olwyn Shieldbearer.

The inclusion of this latest character will come as a bit of shock for fans of the PvP slaughterfest. During its many months in beta, we saw three Dwarf heroes come and go including Durrig the engineer, Gromki the Runesmith, and Thagisson the Slayer, at least one of which many were expecting to see in next week’s update.


Olwyn Shieldbearer is an Ironbreaker, one of the original tabletop game’s sturdiest units. Clad in Gromril armour, they roam the empty halls of ancient Dwarf holds, able to withstands ambush parties or even the occasional cave-in. Given the typical, male-centric representation of Dwarfs in just about every other MMO and RPG, it’s nice to see Mythic putting a spin on one of Warhammer’s most iconic troop types.

In a nutshell, Olwyn is a straight-up tank character; her abilities have been engineered to make her the centre of every conflict, even more so than Drulg or Bax before her. One of Olwyn’s passive bonuses means she is completely immune to pulls or knockdowns and is therefore difficult to incapacitate. If rooted or snared however, she can slow the movement of her enemies or negate their armour, her Gromril Protection ability shielding her from damage over a sustained period. Making Olwyn eve
more lethal is her knockdown Shield Slam attack, leaving targets open to a swarm of allied attacks.

Did we mention that she also hates Skaven? Olwyn’s second ability grants additional damage to Warhammer’s pesky rat-men.

Source: Wrath of Heroes