Skyrim Kinect Support Arrives Today

Bethesda have announced that the Kinect patch for Skyrim will be available sometime today.

You will be able to shout in both Dragon and English so ‘Fus Ro Dah’ and ‘Unrelenting Force’ will work equally well.


You could try exclaiming ‘Fix All Bugs’, you never know it might work.

A full list of voice commands can be found here.

Source: Bethesda Blog



  1. English? ENGLISH! Anyone shouting “Unrelenting Force” at their telly deserves nothing but derision. Channel your Thu’um or GTFO

  2. Nothing has made me want a 360 more than this! I need help

  3. Sorry for comment whoring but I had another thought. What if someone playing actually turns out to BE a dragonborn and finds themself Fus Ro Dah-ing their telly through the wall!

    • lol thats amazing !

    • What if you where sneaking with a bow or pickpocketing and then someone snuck in and shouted Fus RO Dah, that would be hilarious.

      • LOL, can imagine that happening in my house a lot.

      • I think you have to press a button to make it listen for the shout so this, sadly, wouldn’t work.

      • Wow, then what’s the point? If you have to press a button to get it to listen to you then you might as well map the shout directly to the button. I guess it’s a minor timesave if you often switch between shouts but if the 360 has a favourite system like the PC then it’s kind of a gimmick.

    • Calm down dear, it’s only a game.

  4. Better With Kinect*

    *Except it isn’t

  5. This will either be amazing or really, awfully sh*t

    No in-between.

    • Also why are voice commands not available on PS3?

      It has been done very well in games before (Tom Clancy: End War)

      • Bloody good point actually. The PSEye has a good microphone that could do the same job and it could support BT headsets too.

      • Because all the voice processing is done in the Kinect hardware, to get it to work on PS3 they would have to free up some memory and resources used for the actual game.

      • that and probably the fact Microsoft paid them a lot of money too.

  6. “Where am i”
    Your in FECKin SkyRim!

  7. on 57 it Sound like he said asign Ass

  8. Wow, consider me impressed!
    Looks like a really useful addition, especially follower commands and looting.
    Probably not worth buying a 360, Kinect, and Skyrim for it though ….. or is it?!

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