EA Confirm That Rock Band iOS Won’t Work After May, Are Still Selling It

Incredibly, the story we posted up first thing this morning didn’t need that question mark at the end – EA really are stopping users from playing Rock Band on the iPhone from the end of this month.

The game, which is still available on the App Store (and frustratingly has no notification that buyers are technically only getting a month’s worth of game for their money before purchase is made) will cease to function in a matter of weeks and days.


“We will be suspending support of ROCK BAND after May 31 and focusing resources on other EA titles,” EA say on their newly-updated FAQ page.  “We thank everyone for playing ROCK BAND, and we encourage you to explore some of the other exciting titles in our mobile line-up.”

“The ROCK BAND servers will be live through May 31, 2012. If you have already downloaded the game, you can continue to play until then,” it adds.  It does not mention what customers should do about any potential in-app purchases they might have made, of which there are plenty.

My advice would be to not buy this game from the App Store. In fact, I’d personally be happy to see Apple remove it from sale, or at least notify potential buyers that the game will only work until the end of May.



  1. This is going to set a really bad precedent if developers/publishers can basically turn off apps people have bought from the app store, they fucking can’t be allowed to get away with this.

  2. Scumbags. There’s just nothing else to say, they are so far beyond the line, they can’t even see it. The lines is a dot to EA.

    • Well said, it’s easy to see why EA was voted worst company in the states.

      • This still doesn’t put them close to say, Bank of America, or a traditional baddie like a Tobacco, Drink or Oil company.

        If it was a list of worst entertainment companies (excluding porn), you could make a pretty good argument, although EA wouldn’t be the only one in the running.

        I’ve a question- is this game online only, can you run it offline? I ask this because the EA quote mentions servers.
        I don’t understand why EA are shutting down the app offline- I don’t see ANY gain from them at all, never mind the bad PR which would probably (ok, definitely) outweigh it anyway.

    • there’s got to be a good reason for it and it’s not exactly fair to assume it EA’s fault. there hardly going to gain anything through this and will lose out on profits from future sales.

      • That’s my thoughts too- the only way I see EA getting any benefit is if some rights holder who’s agreement is up (maybe because of the Harmonix change of hands) is suing them, and they’re trying to avoid a lawsuit that the legal team is telling them they have a chance of losing.

      • maybe, but continuing to sell it without any kind of warning that it will stop working in a few weeks is 100% down to ea.

        face it, ea are greedy scumbags.

  3. Hey welcome to the digital distribution future – publishers can withdraw support for your game at any time they like, and simply make it cease to work.

  4. Nobs

  5. Surely it’s just the online section?

    It’s a 160MB app, Apple won’t allow this and will refund users and warn EA.

  6. Oh, so they will still take our cash despite them basically saying you want to keep this and play this forever? Well get lost. Seriously, how the feck does EA think they can get away with disabling a game that people have paid for with their hard earned cash?

    First it is this, but what’s to stop them from becoming major numpties and disable any digital version of a game? For example, Fifa 12 gets disable after 1 year in an attempt to force you to buy Fifa 13. Mass Effect gets disabled for no reason etc..

    If gaming does go digital only, i will abandon the consoles and bloody hope that Valve won’t allow publishers to disable games.

  7. a new twist.

    now it seems they’re saying the message was sent in error.

    and the faq page just brings up an error.

    • of course they’re lying, they just realised the scale of the shitstorm that would result if they stopped people playing offline.

    • HA, now that’s what i call back-pedalling frantically.
      I wonder how many people are stupid enough to believe them?

      • i think even Forest Gump could tell that for the lie it is. ^_^

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