EA Disabling iOS Versions Of Rock Band?

Have you bought Rock Band for your iPhone? Chances are, after the end of May, it won’t work – at least according to a message that appears when the game is booted.

According to forum posters (and, indeed, a representative from Harmonix) it appears that the iOS version of Rock Band ‘expires’ on May 31st – it looks, at first glances, like you simply won’t be able to play it anymore.


“Thanks for rocking out with us!” says a rather sarcastic pop-up message when you start the game.

“No clue as to the specifics,” says HMXHenry on the Rock Band forum, “but my guess is that it has something to do with the MTV Games and EA logos that pop up when you load it.”

“Since we are no longer partnered with them, I have no idea how that has affected projects like RB on iOS. But, as we’ve seen with the recent DLC delays, there’s a lot of work being done behind the scenes now that Harmonix is independent and I wouldn’t be surprised if this was related.”

Hopefully it’s just a glitch, but it could mean licensing for the tracks has run out.

Digital futures, eh?



  1. Wow, really? That’s pretty ridiculous. It’s fine to stop supporting it or producing new content but bocking access to a game people have bought is unbelievable.
    Seriously, are they trying to promote software piracy?

    • Always makes you wonder what the hell goes on in the meetings around decisions like this, does no one in the room have any foresight at all or consider the consequences of such an action. Give a little more consideration to your consumers and your reputation amongst them folks.

      Digital Futures eh? Indeed….

  2. This cant be right, if true this is gonna whip up one of the biggest s***storms ill have ever witnessed.
    I know the whole “you only own a license” thing but to withdraw access to an entire game without providing an expiry date is just provoking people to sue or pirate surely?

    Utter Madness.

  3. if ea have lost the license to certain songs then they can’t sell them any more, that doesn’t mean they can take them away from people who bought them when they did have the license.

    but then according to ea everything we’ve paid them money for still belongs to them right?
    except when it goes wrong of course, then it’s our problem.

    ea trying to earn that worst company tag it seems.

  4. Meh never liked these kind of games, music choices are just lame for these kind of games and its silly how they just focus on famous acts than stuff like Manowar, Rhapsody plus any gtr virtuosos they’re bands to in a way without the shit singing although Joe and Steve did a fine job.

    Worst that licensing to lead to a game being disabled, silly.

  5. EA, if people pay for the game, usually, they can keep it forever! Not untill you fecking decide to disable it! What the hell are you playing at!

    This is taking the fecking pie! If the future of gaming does go digital, i will abandon EA as i know that they will disable every game after a year of release in order to force us to buy the newest version. Also, IT’S FECKING CODE! CODE DOESN’T EXPIRE!

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