Free Minis From PlayStation Access

Those ever so lovely chaps at PlayStation Access are giving away two PS Mini games to celebrate getting 150,000 likes on Facebook.

The two games are Jewel Keepers: Easter Island and Urbanix and work on all three PlayStation platforms so head over to the PS Access Facebook page and in a couple of clicks get some free stuff.

Source: Facebook



  1. Just spotted that on a forum. How kind of them – can’t refuse free stuff!

  2. I don’t have Facebook, nor do I want it.

    • Well thanks for telling us.

    • Just sign up as john smith with a disposable gmail account get the free games and sign out.

    • I have a spare code if you would like one.

  3. Don’t have Facebook either so I guess I’m out.

    • I have a 2nd spare code if you would like one.

      • I signed up with a disposable email but thank you for generosity anyway!

  4. I’ll have those thank you very much :)

  5. Here is a code if anyone wants it ud#sed mine and this is from my wife’s account: E2QC-MEN6-J5HK

  6. Free stuff, woop!

  7. i wont say no to a freebie. ^_^

  8. yoink, lovely lovely. Cheers for the headsup.

  9. Big thanks, just installing on the Vita as I type:-)

  10. yay free stuff just got them both :)

    • oh and thanks for telling us :)

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