Frobisher Says! Now Available For Everyone

Frobisher Says! got a great 8/10 from us in our review – and now (well, from today’s PSN Update) it’s available for everyone – it was previously only available as part of an early bird pre-order deal.


There’s a paid-for DLC pack with some more levels but it’s not essential, so you’ve almost no excuse not to grab this Wario Ware-esque party game and have a go yourself.



  1. its about time, great game.

  2. fun game,though annoying when you can’t find anything green lol

    • Love it.

    • I keep running(!) past my green wall everytime I get that task.

    • The first time my other half saw me get up and run around looking for green he thought I’d gone insane. Then there was the time I remember I was wearing green boxers……

      Amazing game that’s all I can say. Still play it regularly now!

  3. Didn’t get to try the beta, quite looking forward to it. Looks as bonkers as a box of monkeys.

  4. I don’t know why but I have been looking forward to this since the vitas launch.

    • Its awesome!.. don’t forget to smile!…….

  5. Neat, i was curious about this so i’ll check it out later.

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