Here’s That Black Ops II Trailer You Were Waiting For

Here it is then, looks a bit… horsey. Let’s not kid ourselves though, that bit’s probably there to give Kinect users something to flail around at, isn’t it?

Don’t worry, it might give a nod to the Grand National but it also features quadrotors, hovering ‘planes, city-wrecking explosions, at least one missile launch, jet aircraft and, um… mechs. Yeah.


The music isn’t quite dubstep enough for my liking.

Source: YouTube



  1. Nodded my head through all of it.
    *hand gesture*

  2. Call of Duty: Black Ops 2: Future Soldier 3: Battlefield 2142: Salvation: Horses 3D

    • … The Revengeoning.

      • You guys should copyright that, I think I’d buy it if I saw it lol

  3. ……Wow


  4. Surprised by this. My initial thoughts when I saw the screens earlier is that it was going to be another version of Modern Warfare. This looks much better though. Appears to have an interesting plot as well. Got me interested.

  5. Whoa.

    • The mechs & things reminds me somewhat of Metal Gear?!

  6. Honestly, now rewatch it with the ‘Go Right’ music from The Piano. I’ve even impressed myself here…
    Commence synchronised play-pressing.

  7. Wow! A whole game just using killstreaks! Interesting premise story wise though.

  8. Am I the only one thats not impressed then? Im sorry but this just looks terrible. I will give them credit for at least changing the setting but it just looks stupid all of it. Also the model and textures for that old bloke make it look like a terribly done cel shade job. Also @0.26 look at the textures on that dash/hologram display doesnt give me high hopes at all.

    • Must say that it didn’t exactly “wow” me either.
      But then, neither did BLOPS 1 trailer and I actually enjoyed the campaign.

    • Same, I think it’s still lacking visually just like the first Blops and is just hidden behind a new setting. Looks full of set pieces and I’d rather a military shooter wasn’t set in the future – God knows what weapon and perks this will open multiplayer up to. I don’t want it to become a futuristic shooter, I’d probably choose a sci-fi FPS if I wanted that.

  9. Ok, the change of setting has DEFINITELY got me interested, love that it’s set further in the future with mechs and stuff… damn it, if it has Zombies it’ll be a purchase (missed out on MW3 as I just wasn’t arsed by it).

    • That after saying I wouldn’t really be interested in the next CoD…. damn :(

  10. As if they’ll still have horses in 2025…

    • You just reminded me of a poem from school about the last rabbit in Britain with that. Think it’s called we’re going to see the rabbit or summat, wasn’t a great poem but I remember it made me stop and think.

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