New Starhawk Video, And When We’ll Be Reviewing The Game

Just a quick note to let the Starhawk fans know that we’ll be publishing our review of the game next Monday, at 2PM UK time.


You’ll remember our early hands on with the game from a year ago, but a lot has changed, and our look at the beta and even more recently, the single player, showed that Starhawk features plenty for the lone gamer too.

But no more teasing, you’ll just have to wait seven days for the full review, and watch Sony’s new video for the game, titled ‘Top Ways To Kill’, above.



  1. game gets better the more I see it day one buy.

  2. Sooooo looking forward to this. Only 9 days to go!!!

  3. ha ha, excellent vid. The Giant Frickin Laserbeam lol….someone watching too much Austin Powers

    • Also, really looking forward to the review chaps. Cannot wait for this game.

      • +1 for the trusty TSA review.

  4. Rated A for Awesome.

  5. Yes!

    That is all.

  6. So does next Monday mean next Monday or the coming Monday?

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