Valve Launches New Steam Beta – Remote Downloads

A posting on the Valve forums details the features of the new Steam client beta. In truth, it’s not a huge update, only adding a debug code and a fix for excessive memory usage. It does have one other, potentially killer, feature though – remote management.

This means that you’ll be able to leave your Steam client running on your home PC and then log into Steam via a web browser (or smartphone app, soon, we hope) and set installs and downloads to go so they’re all ready for you when you get home.


There’s a little instructional page that provides the following easy to follow steps:

  1. Log into your Steam account online from your computer or mobile device at
  2. Visit your Games list by navigating to the Community and then clicking GAMES in the secondary navigation bar. If you’re logged into the Steam client, the games list will reflect the installation state of your library on that machine.
  3. Locate your game and tap the install button to initiate your remote download.

But first, you’ll need to update your Steam client by opening up your settings and hitting the “Change…” button before selecting “Steam Beta Update”.

This is one of the killer features we heard requested by many when Steam launched their iOS and Android apps so hopefully it won’t need long in beta and soon enough I’ll be able to initiate my Half Life 3 download from my iPhone.

Source: Valve forums via VG247



  1. ‘Steam cloud’ – like it :)

    • …how did I not see that? *headdesk*

  2. Valve… working on stuff and letting the public have a sniff? Unheard of!

  3. Steam are the best when it comes to gaming and distribution, no two ways about it.

    • They’re also good with special offers etc.

  4. Good work steam, Sony take note.

  5. i neat idea i suppose, but you do have to leave your pc running when you’re not home.
    i don’t tend to do that.

    • Mine’s always running anyway so it gets the patches and stuff. Can’t really see much worth in that, by the time a game gets released on Valve Time you’ll be long home and waiting. :) Hard Reset pre-order has left a mark.

  6. Would be great if Sony produced something similar for the PSN.

  7. I’m liking the increase in PC coverage TSA, keep it up!

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