What Is Odd Craft?

So yeah, there’s me making jokes about sniffing out hidden games on pictures developers carelessly post across the interweb – ho ho I made a joke about Tetris, well done me, very funny.


What’s that? Odd Craft? Something to do with Oddworld? And what’s with the isometric robots?

Sadly, they’re nothing more than an April Fools joke – studio boss Stewart Gilray tells us nobody even noticed when they did the sketches last month.

Source: Flickr



  1. Hummmm… strange.

  2. Hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaaahaahaaahahahahahahaahahahaaaahaha

    Ok, done, now

  3. a Minecraft clone?
    a Minecraft clone for the ps3? oh please please please be that. ^_^

  4. Odd Craft and The Guardian of Blight confirmed!

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