Datura Dev Builds Virtual Reality For Sony

Plastic are the Polish developers behind the weird non-game, Linger in Shadows. They’re also the guys making the very peculiar looking Datura, which is due for release next week. Their new game is a kind of first person adventure game, as far as we can tell. It utilises Sixaxis or PlayStation Move to allow the player to interact with the world.

Well, after being tasked by Sony to create “the most immersive virtual environment possible, using only consumer electronics”, they’ve gone and built an impressive VR rig. The system works thanks to Sony’s own 3D headset, the HMZ-T1, and an extra Move controller stuck to the side of it. That allows head tracking and a completely enclosed viewpoint.


It’s really all quite impressive.

Source: Plastic, via iWaggle3D



  1. you know one thing about holodecks that noone seems to take into account?
    Everything generated by a holodeck is unreal, hence the ability to say “End Program” and the room revert to its yellow and grey box look but everything you put into it i.e Sweat is real and whould thus stay within the room.
    Now when most people (Men) think holodeck they think sexual encounters right?
    Well what happens when you finish up with the sweet green skinned orion slave girl and say end program?

    Good morning :).

    • No mess – while your vision is distracted by the virtual loveliness, a robot vacuum does the nasty! :P

  2. Looks great but not sure everyone has one of those virtual reality projectors at home.

    • That VR projector set up was there just to show off. That is, to let you see what the guy wearing the HMZ-T1 is seeing. The actual set up is comprised of just the HMZ-T1 and two Moves.

    • yeah it was showing off, not something that could at home now, whatever you thought of it.

  3. Very impressive but when/if VR becomes the norm, I hope they sort out the bloody lag.

    • Also yeah – it was about a second behind.

      • One day things like this will work perfectly.

  4. What an utterly bizarre trailer/promo/thing.

  5. No “via iWaggle3D”? I was first! :P

  6. In all honesty, I think it looks bloody crap.

  7. I don’t think that presentation really did it justice. I’ve just had a quick read about the HMZ-T1 and it sounds mighty impressive.. “a pair of 1280 x 720 OLED panels capable of 3D graphics…. offering the equivalent of a 750-inch screen viewed from 20m away….45-degree optical lens technology means there’s practically zero 3D crosstalk. The broad viewing area is actually wider than most peoples’ actual field of vision, which makes for a more immersive experience.”
    But at $800 it’s outside most peoples budget, sadly.

  8. And all for only £124, 999.99

  9. HMZ-T1 is £800 on Amazon, no,no, walk away……..

  10. Ummmm, all those lights, that huge screen, the massive projector…..all completely unnecessary as it was all done within the headset so the guy playing the game would have seen none of it?!

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