EA’s Global Product Manager Calls Black Ops II “Tired”

Kevin O’Leary is my new hero.

“Poor #blackops2 you look tired,” he said on Twitter overnight, “you should take a year off and rest.”


Who’s Kevin O’Leary? EA’s Global Product Manager, responsible for Warfighter. He’s one of the few people in this ‘industry’ that’s bold enough to come out with what a good chunk of people are thinking, and his subsequent tweets echo the idea that he’s just speaking his mind.

As he’s perfectly entitled to do.

Whether or not Black Ops II looks tired or not (there’s certainly a dash of innovation going on) is up for discussion, but the world would be a much richer place if people didn’t all fawn over each other and pretend everything’s all shiny and happy with competition.

“In case any other news outlets are following me,” he joked, “I’d like to be quoted on things like cars, snowboarding, GoPros, haikus & extreme sleeping.”

Of course, let’s wait and see what Warfighter comes up with, eh Kevin?



  1. Shame that the latest Medal of Honour was indentically poor as Call of Duty, just better graphics but less MP depth! Wish there was another FPS that would rival CoD, which is indeed tired, but they all feel the same. The FPS genre in general is tired and samey, bar some like Resistance.

  2. The same applies to a certain publisher that has been milking certain franchises to the point that they are beyond tired. ;)

    Also, EA, can you not start a major flamewar? And didn’t this backfire on you last year when MW3 outsold BF3? ;)

    • I don’t think you can say it backfired, considering the amount that BF3 sold – It would have backfired if everyone bought CoD instead of BF3 for example, but that was definitely not the case.

      For what it’s worth, I don’t believe their overload on marketing & ensuring BF3 was mentioned in the same sentence as MW3 did them any harm at all. In fact, probably quite the opposite.

  3. Hmmmmm funny stuff yes, whether MoH Warfighter will be better is debatable…

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