Company of Heroes 2 Is Coming, Big Reveal Next Week

RTS fanatics will have no doubt rejoiced yesterday as news broke that Company of Heroes 2 is nearing its official debut, a number of PC Gamer scans having confirmed its existence. According to developer Relic, the aim with Heroes 2 is to present an even grittier, more cinematic setting, this time located on the Eastern Front during World War 2.

According to Kotaku, who were pinged with a THQ invitation, “briefings” for the sequel will commence on May 2nd.


Having only just gotten back into PC gaming, I can’t speak for Company of Heroes, though a ground-breaking Metacritic average of 93 can hardly be scoffed at. Relic is also the team behind the superb Dawn of War series as well as last year’s Space Marine.

Source: Kotaku



  1. Company of Heroes and Dawn of War both have a lot of the same gameplay elements. I think DoW2 mixed it up a bit (not played that one, though).

    CoH 2 is certainly a great bit of news. I look forward to seeing what they can bring to the table this time out.

    • The original Dawn of Wars (DoW to DoW: Soulstorm) played similar to CoH in that there was Base Building, but there the similarities end: the combat feels completely different (any unit can harm any unit), territory worked differently, and you didn’t have several doctrines per race you could use. Finally, up until the end game, map control was everything: 90% of the time the person with more control of the map won, which isn’t the case on CoH.
      Dawn of War 2 was more similar in respects to the combat, but the base building was removed. Combat may have been a lot more similar as well but there are still a lot of differences, like the territory still works differently, however.
      Anyway, I love all 3 series, but out of Dawn of War, I prefer to play the first online and the second on single player/co-op (The Last Stand mode). All very good games.

  2. There’s a mod for the first called Eastern Front which is very popular, problem is it’s extremely complicated to install. It’s considered to be amazing though and on par with the factions with the main game. My point is I hope they add a bit more than just a new faction, and change it from the first a little bit, otherwise I’ll be a little disappointed (despite it being Relic, one of my favourite devs!).
    However, I have faith in them, and I’m insanely excited for this! Cannot wait to get some more details! :)

    • i tried everything to get that mod working but its the only one thats utterly defied me, which is a massive shame as its rated as one of the best mods ever made for a game which is bloody high praise from the PC community.

  3. So excited, can’t wait.

  4. oh yeah!, this is going to be fantastic,the original CoH is going to go down as a gaming classic and a sequel is something ive wanted for a number of years now.

  5. I got the Original with my old nvidia 7800GT and it was amazing. Can not wait for this one!

  6. Oh tits. I’ve only just picked up the first one!

  7. Knew about this months ago but sadly couldnt say anything.

  8. I just wish Relic would announce Homeworld. The most atmospheric rts I’ve ever played (and probably the best).

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