Minecraft 360 Trailer Shows Off Splitscreen

There’s a new trailer for Mojang’s runaway hit “game” that was indie but isn’t indie anymore. Did you ever sit around with three mates and play with your Lego together? If the answer is “yes” then Minecraft for the Xbox 360 might be just the game for you.

This new trailer shows off the splitscreen modes and plenty of lovely, blocky co-op construction. It all looks quite good, if you like that sort of thing.

Source: YouTube



  1. To bad it’s not coming to ps3.

  2. “Indies are saving gaming. Notch is methodically destroying it,”

  3. *sprays his laptop with his coffe* There is 4 player splitscreen!? Holy crap, i thought that had died out.

    Looks like a decent port but i wonder if they have cut out any features?

    • From what I heard it is running a version of Minecraft 1.6 so it’s not as up-to-date as the PC version.

      • How’s that even possible? Right now we’re on 1.2.5 (if you ignore the snapshots), unless that’s Beta 1.6?

      • Yeah sorry 1.6 of the beta.

      • Ah ok. I’m trying to think back to what 1.6 even had, pretty sure it was the release before pistons (which imo is the greatest addition to MC).

    • Is “coffe” what you’re calling it these days? Dirty boy.

      • I’m still waking up. Besides, i think you either send me to the Naughty room or ban me if i told you what i really call it. ;)

  4. I was expecting more people to flame me for putting “game” in quotation marks and alluding to Lego. You disappoint me, fanboys.

    • Oh, they just hired me to do this to you. *kicks Peter in the balls and procceeds to set him on fire* :p

    • i used to love playing with Lego. ^_^

      • I still love playing with LEGO :P

      • Lego rules! I buy my son Lego, just so I can ‘help’ him put it together.

  5. I would love to see this on PSN (or just have a 360), but I can’t see it being as good as the PC version. No mods, texture packs etc but splitscreen does look great.
    I wonder how MP works? I’m guessing the host player hosts the map on their 360, and players can only join when he’s playing it too?
    Still, I hope features that are added for the console version get added to the PC version and vice-versa.

  6. I really want Minecraft on my Vita, I would love to just sit a build stuff while I was watching TV.

    • That would have been something.

    • it`ll happen, most people are fairly sure that its just a timed exclusive.
      Besides once someone gets android running on the vita you can grab the pocket edition of of the market (im NOT referring to it as Play) and use the Xperia control scheme rather than the touchscreen.

  7. Not my type of thing but great for those who do like it.

  8. I don’t get this game, do you just build stuff? whats the aim for the game?

    • well if your the type that has to have a point then what you can do is Kill Endermen (creepy creepy monsters) to get their eyes then forge the eye of ender and quest for the Stronghold deep underground and open the Portal to The End and attempt to kill the Dragon.
      aside from that its a building/crafting sandbox the likes of which has never been made before, you can try it for free at Minecraft.net.

      • but this version is just the equivalent of beta 1.6, so there won’t be any enderman yet.
        they didn’t come in till, i think, 1.8
        and the end and enderdragons weren’t till the release version, 1.0.
        though they may not have been until release 1.1.

        if you’re looking for a game with a plot or some sort of defined objective, Minecraft isn’t the game you’re looking for.
        if you want what is almost the ultimate sandbox game, Minecraft is a great choice.

      • derp, i should have known that but then again i only started playing upon 1.0 release :D

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