PS Vita Mortal Kombat Live Action Trailer

We seemed to have missed this trailer when it was released a few weeks ago but as Mortal Kombat is out on Vita today I thought that was a good enough excuse.

Many of you red blooded men will find there two very round and bouncy excuses to watch the trailer but if you can ignore them for a moment it’s a rather neat promo showing of Vita’s portability and – OMG – girls play games too.


Commendable use of the London skyline as well, the large tower block with wind turbines in the distance suggesting the tower from the original Mortal Kombat.

Source: YouTube



  1. The effect where they rapidly swap outfits at the end is pretty cool. Very special trailer, not much in the way of gameplay, but MK is so established they don’t need to show it.

  2. Everything I read about this game makes me want it more!
    The PS3 game + DLC + A whole load of extra Vita stuff- they even added in a Mortal Kombat Fruit Ninja! Also, I’ll actually be able to perform some fatalities now. :)
    Apparently the AR mode made it into the final game too- there’s a cheat code to unlock it or something.
    The only question is, can I wait until the exams are over?

  3. Mmmmmm Kitana and Mileena (with her gob covered). Love it, the fun i could have with those two!
    Just so happens… Kitana is my fave character to play.

    Anyway, the game is great, been playing it all evening! Some great uses of the Vita’s functions!!
    I didnt realise that online fights activate the mic so you can hear eachother, nice touch though, although i couldnt bite my lip when some knob kept spamming raidens torpedo move…. He deserved it!

    Anyway…. Love the game and would highly recommend it for mk fans and beat em up fans

  4. I really want this game for PS3 or PSV.

  5. I wish I could scrape the money together to buy this :/.

    • Look around your house. One day I found £30 in pound coins around my room! Alternatively, if you’ve got any organs spare…

      • I just found £15 in coins in a chest at the back of my wardrobe… Witchcraft!

      • In a chest?
        Where do you live, Skyrim? :P

  6. Hmm, looking at them I don’t think they have a lot of bounce to them :S

    I’ve never really played any fighting games except Virtua Fighter 5 when I got it at PS3 launch. Is it worth taking a punt on this on my sexy new Vita which arrived first thing this morning? :D

  7. Yay, Dungeness! Love that place

  8. going to get this looks great.

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