Community Round-Up: 05/05/12

Welcome back TSAgents, I’m sure you’re all enjoying the three day weekend we’ve got here, but right now it’s time for another Community Round-Up. So buckle up!

Starting off with TSA Meets, in the absence of any new competitions news, let’s see what we’ve got this week.

Teflon hosts the usual Uncharted 3 meet beginning at 7pm tonight, while Crazy Del hosts a Bulletstorm meet at 9pm. Tomorrow, R1MJAW hosts the usual DiRT3 meet at 6pm.

Monday night looks super busy, starting with Tomhlord’s GT5 Meet at 7pm and then theberzerka hosts the usual SSX Meet starting at 8pm. Also at 8pm, Death_in_flamez will attempt to host the Whatever’s On Beta Meet, featuring the Ghost Recon beta, let’s hope it works this week! Youles hosts the first Awesomenauts meet also starting at 8pm.

That’s it so far, but keep your eyes peeled for the usual meets that go up later during the week such as Forrest’s Friday Night Battlefield 3, or Youles’ WipEout 2048 Vita meet.

On a slightly different note, 8bit was rather disappointed that none of those signed up for the Payday meet during this last week showed up, so please try and get in contact if you can’t make it, lest you’ll have a woman scorned running around on TSA!

Remember, you can create your own Meet as long as you have 250 TSA Points.

Starting with the Reviews, we’ll begin with Gareth’s review of the F2P game Tribes: Ascend, which he gave a deserving 9/10. Dan gave a perfect 10/10 to the PS Mini Velocity, whilst Blair fought his way through the disappointing Bloodforge, an XBLA title that only earned a 3/10. And lastly, Al reviewed CrossDJ for the iPad.

Looking at the Previews, Al takes a look at Pixeljunk 4am, and also has a quick look at Call of Duty: Black Ops II, following the reveal trailer released earlier this week. Finishing up the Previews, Peter got stuck in with Ghost Recon Future Soldier, a game which I’m looking forward to and is only a few weeks away.

Moving onto the Community articles now, Mickey2010 is the star of this week’s Meet the Reader. For WeView, there’s the verdict for Syndicate, and Battlefield 3’s getting the treatment this week. Meanwhile, Tuffcub’s been swinging around his Massive Poll again, this week asking if any of you regret buying Kinnect or Move? He’s also re-visited Jurassic Park for the Playback feature, whilst Greg brings What We Played #51 to the table.

The latest episode of the TSA Podcast has arrived, and Jas-n brings his last TSA [email protected] Update, as the TSA team has reached 300th in the rankings. Just to let you know, I’ll be including a quick update here at the beginning of each month just to let you know how the team is getting on.

Finally, we have a very well written, touching and heartfelt article written by rht992 on the topic of gaming addiction. I’m sure everyone that’s already read it can agree that you should read it if you haven’t. Those that haven’t read it probably don’t have much of an opinion on the matter, but certainly should read it.

Remember you need to be logged in to see General Chat, because we’re now going to take a look at the Forums, which have been a bit on the quiet side this week.

Last week, Steve (from Minecraft) took on Alex Mercer from Prototype, and somehow cruised to a 5 – 2 Victory. One more win will see him in Showdown Hall of Fame!  This week, he’ll be battling Faith Connors from Mirror’s Edge. So let’s see who will be victorious, and don’t forget to vote in the comments below!



  • His crafting capabilities are vast, as is his building creativity.
  • Can use diamond swords and armour, as well as enchanting those items.
  • Is so strong, he can use his bear fists to chop down trees, grrr!


  • Near-constantly needs food, or his health deteriorates.
  • Often has bad luck when mining directly up or down.
  • Attracts Creeperssssssss!



  • Brilliant at parkour, making her a perfect Runner.
  • An expert in hand-to-hand combat.
  • Can run so fast she can’t be hit by bullets. She’s like a real world Sonic.


  • When she’s NOT running fast enough, those bullets hurt.
  • Falls off buildings far too regularly.
  • Being an outlaw is cool and all, but boy is it a hard life! Treachery, deceit, man hunts, S.W.A.T. teams… Oh so very stressful. Her blood pressure must be through the roof!

Thanks to Teflon, who had to help me out this week with the Showdown, and enjoy the Bank Holiday! Bye!

Gazzagb had a dastardly hand in writing this Round-Up. 



  1. Nice round up, rht992’s article was a great read. Faith gets my vote

    oh and listen to the fail cast ;)

    • Thank you. Once again thanks to everyone at TSA the response to it has just been amazing. And Faith all the way man. I’m thinking of buying mirrors age again for the third time now.

      • it was so open and really well written, I’m sure you have gained a lot of respect from the TSA community for sharing it. As for Mirror’s Edge I’ve just kept the game! Would enver get rid of it.

  2. Annoyingly Steve :/ and agreed, best fail cast so far this week!

  3. Right, I have to admit that shoddy production ruined the first game of Guess My Score, but today I shall do it again and properly. This time with a prize too, ooooohhh!

  4. last post for TSA too.

  5. Faith for me

  6. I’ll put one more in for Faith here. Steve in the hall of fame? Is he truly worthy? Not a change.

    Faith, though? She needs a second game. Absolutely.

  7. Faith over here too. Mostly cos I fancy her in ways I don’t quite understand. Also, wasn’t Mirrors edge 2 canned?

  8. Faith all the way.
    Her game still feels the freshest game on PS3, 4 years later.
    A proper next-gen experience.

  9. Faith!

  10. nice round up… and be sure to listen to the failcast!!! its awesome!!!

    and faith gets my vote!

    • I play the ukulele on it so listen people :P

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