Jenova Chen: “Sony Has A More Artistic And Adult-Focused Taste”

thatgamecompany’s Jenova Chen, the man behind the wonderful Journey and soon to announce his new, multi-format title, hasn’t forgotten about Sony. Speaking to VentureBeat, he said that, compared to Microsoft, “Sony has a more artistic and adult-focused taste,” and that “they care about how grown-ups feel toward their games.”

I don’t for a second think that Microsoft aren’t bothered what “adults” think about their games (Fez and Braid say ‘hi’) but I’ve said in the past (and recently) that Sony seem happier to experiment with edgier, more esoteric titles.  “The player who owns a PlayStation 3 is more likely to be interested in artistic games compared to Wii and Xbox 360,” added Chen.


Sony agree. “Our primary PSN audience is indeed more adult, and many of our best-selling titles appeal to this demographic,” said the company’s Jack Buser.

“Many PlayStation and PSN games have themes that require a user to think and feel about a deep, immersive gameplay experience, and we see that exemplified in the success of titles like Flower, Journey, and Heavy Rain. Titles like these can only be found on PlayStation, and our users enjoy the emotional and thematic sophistication of their games, especially with our digital offerings.”

Microsoft (and, for the record, Nintendo) didn’t comment.



  1. I don’t want to put down any xbox player, for I myself am one. But Microsoft seems to just throw money at something to make it exclusive, whereas Sony approve and support (i.e Santa Monica) these games. I’d like to see what any xbox developers could do if Microsoft allowed them the space like Sony do with Plastic, as I doubt we’ll ever see something like Datura on a Microsoft platform.

  2. I would tend to agree, I really dont feel a game like Heavy Rain for example would fair as well on Xbox as it did on the PS3. Obviously I could be wrong.

  3. What a name Jenova chen…all you need is his son to be called Sephiroth :’)

  4. Well, Sony did market PS3 as more of an adult thing initially, even if that was partly to excuse the hefty launch price-tag.. ;)
    I for one am glad they took tgc on board though, the trio of games for PS3 have all been wonderful and i’ll be playing them long into the future.
    As he’s going multi-platform his next game could very well be on all of the big three… but with exclusive kinect features for the definitive experience… oh don’t look so glum.. ;)

  5. I really don’t like any of the 3 console manufacturers, as they all seem to do some great things and then totally ruin it with some other retarded things (bad online infrastructure, focus on 25 year old franchises and cheap marketing and investment plans respectively), but this is definitely Sony’s merit.

    Valve, please sort out console gaming :3.

    • Valve wouldn’t really help, consoles are about to fall anyway.

      • consoles will be around for a long time yet if you are not keen just use the PC for games steam is valves answer to gaming really.
        hate gaming on the PC myself prefer consoles.

    • love how Sony bring new games in will always have a playstation product.

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