Mass Effect 3 Exceeds $200 Million at Retail, EA Investing In Next-Gen

Here’s an ending that everyone at EA are happy about at least – sales of Mass Effect 3 have exceeded $200 million.

EA have just released their Quarter 4 financials, which highlights that sequels sell, despite the publisher calling the likes of Mass Effect 3, Fifa Street 4 and SSX ‘launches’. FIFA 12, in particular, established itself as massive, with downloads and DLC totalling over $100 million alone.


There’s a joke there somewhere about hacked 360 accounts.

Regardless, powerful figures all over the shop – Battlefield 3 had a ‘record year’, full game downloads were up 76% year on year (contributing $60 million) and the new Star Wars: The Old Republic boasts over 1.3 million active subscribers.

EA’s Free-to-play brand Play4Free brings in nearly $2 million a week, and there are 11 million players signed up for Origin, bringing in $150 million in ten months.

Finally, EA are investing $80 million in development for the next generation of console systems.



  1. Only 1.3 million subscribers? Not quite the WOW beater they were hoping for!

  2. Well Battlefield 3 was on Origin so I can see why they’d be getting 76% up or something. (might not understand)

    I’m kinda hoping Fifa Street had done well and SSX.. even if I can’t buy it. Would love them to be improved on and on a certain handleld system.

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