Move’s Peculiar Peripheral Patent Published

We all love a good patent-based rumour, right? Well, a patent filed just over a year ago but only recently published has been uncovered by the guys at PlayStation Lifestyle.

It appears to show a kind of steering wheel attachment that you can slot your Move wand into. This is faintly reminiscent of the surprisingly useful, motion-sensor-packing, Speed Wheel that Microsoft sold alongside Forza 4 last year. But the Sony patent also shows the peripheral with its arms up, like a motorbike handlebar.


There are face buttons on the right hinge and an analogue stick on the left hinge. It also seems to have “flappy paddle” sections and buttons under the central piece that could, I assume, act like the shoulder buttons and triggers. That means all the buttons we’re used to are accounted for, with the Move wand taking on the responsibilities of the remaining analogue stick for steering or looking.

I’ll admit, this looks a little bit weird but with the accuracy afforded by Move, it could work very well. I was very surprised at how well the Forza Speed Wheel worked, even though it was unsupported and not steadied by anything, as you’d expect a wheel to be – pivoting on the steering column.

I also think it looks a bit like a spaceship steering interface and that makes me slip into long and wistful daydreams about Elite appearing on the PlayStation 3. If this peripheral was made and bundled with an HD Elite, I’d basically empty my bank account and max out my credit cards for it. Are you listening Sony? No, of course you’re not.

Of course, there’s always the slim chance that this is something we’ll see at E3 or even something that will appear alongside talk of the next generation of PlayStation home consoles. It’s not like they haven’t shown weird controllers off in those circumstance in the past.

Source: Patent PDF, via PSLS



  1. Fancy.

  2. motorbike games could work well with that.

    • HD remake of Road Rash please!

  3. Saw some other interesting patents on Neogaf recently;

    Hopefully they do this, this would be the ‘best’ middle ground if the PS4 doesn’t have BC.

  4. *** E L I T E ***

    I’ve but that for a dollar!

    A man after my own heart Peter.
    A console version of Freelancer would also work.

    A console version of Freelancer would asleep work.

  5. *buy

  6. reminds me of the konix multisystem. google it.

    a british console that never actually got released.

    oh yeah, maybe Kris would like it, it looks like something Batman would use, like a remote control batarang.

  7. quite an old story this one, its was actually on the ps blog around the time motor storm apocalypse was getting a move patch:

  8. Hmm I think I have enough plastic tat filling my living room

  9. Looks awful imo

  10. God yeah, I remember the ‘madpad’

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