New Max Anarchy Video

Platinum Games has posted a new video of Max Anarchy.

It seems to show the various multi player modes including a hoard mode with an octopus, although most of the text is in Japanese so it could be a recipe for muffins for all I know.

Source: YouTube



  1. Looks mental

  2. Octopus muffins!

  3. Oh, and it’s “Anarchy Reigns” for the European crowd.

    • Ah no wonder I couldnt find the right icon. It is a bank holiday. Sorry.

  4. firstly, i had to turn the volume down while watching that.

    secondly, it reminds me of the Spawn game for the Dreamcast.
    that game was cool, let down by the lack of a second stick, something that won’t be a problem with this title, at least i hope not, considering how long it took sega to create a Phantasy Star Online game that used a second stick i wouldn’t rule anything out.

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