First Next-Gen Screenshot Appears

Apparently this is the first in-engine shot of Beyond Good and Evil 2.


We don’t know where AGB got it from (they don’t tend to source) but they’re claiming this is the first shot of Ancel’s new game, one that’s widely believed to be exclusively for the next generation of consoles.

The Ubisoft title is said to be parkour based, yet in development before EA’s thematically similar Mirrors Edge.

Click on the image to see it in all its 720p glory.

Yes, apparently the next generation won’t be running at 4k after all. Who knew? Let’s hope we can see more than a dusty old street next time.

Update: the image is from GAF, not AGB.

You might want to check out this video from 2009 for more info.



  1. I still have an SD TVanything that not in 8 bit looks good to me

    • I had an sdtv for about a year after getting my ps3. When I upgraded to hd, it was like having an improved, new-gen console.

  2. Kind of remind me of Nepal in Uncharted 2. Can’t say I’m blown away.

    • Looks like GTA on the PC… an average-ish PC.

    • That’s the first thing that popped into my head too

  3. I’m sure next gen will support 4K gaming, as 4K products are available on the market now and will be wider available come launch.
    That being said, I fear we’ll still be getting the odd 720p game.

    • 4K really doesn’t make much sense in the home. Sure, Sony are already using it as a marketing bullet-point for the gullible on their latest upconverting kit but for almost anybody at home it’s a waste of GPU cycles filling all those pixels. At 10ft from a 50″ screen your eyes already probably can’t resolve individual pixels on a 1080p screen. There’s no need to add more.

    • Zero chance of 3D worlds being created in next gen. Next gen will be selling for under £300, take a look at what you get in a PC for under £500 to see what that may entail.

      Unless subscription based console purchases work & manufacturers can get £800 kit into our hands in return for smaller sum upfront & monthly payments

      I’d say it will still take ridiculous levels of developer talent to get 1080p60 out of a game with the kind of 720p30 graphics we’re seeing now like Uncharted etc…

      Of course Sony might have some 2D digital vector based games which could do 4K, but seeing as the principle beneficiaries in TV sales will be Samsung & the new joint venture between Sharp & Foxconn (or maybe Huwai, I forget) they may not bother.

      • It’s not that hard with multi-platform games, they all ready have 1080p and better on the PC, then it gets progressively down-scaled until they hit the Wii.

    • i’d love to see 4k next gen. if that happens i’m sure well see triple screen support for most games.

      • that’s the only reason i’d want 4k, otherwise its pretty un-important and i can only see Sony supporting it if they want to see an uptake in 4k tvs.

    • I expect the next gen will support 4K in as much as this gen supports 1080p. i.e. it does, but hardly anything runs at that rez.

  4. Wow, look at all the jaggies. Don’t get those on my ‘current-gen’ PC (which is actually two CPU generations and one GPU generation behind the real current-gen PCs). And it happily puts out >1080p graphics. :-)

    • Not sure if troll…

      • why would he be trolling? its the jaggies hes complain about. its irrelevant what the graphics are like, just that the game has good anti-aliasing and runs at 1080p to get a crisp and sharp picture. i’m sure he’s PC wouldn’t look that good, just doesn’t have that amount of “jaggies” which are only on the picture above because its in 720p and early in development so little to no AA.

  5. There is something very fishy about that image…

    • They must like there fish.

    • Thank heavens no one is suggesting smell-o-vision for the next gen..

  6. Hmm next Gen needs to look 1 billion times better than that for me LoL:D

  7. What? No Virtual Reality? No Holodeck? Looks pretty though!

    • But it WILL have DRM…which is great, right?!

  8. Finally, more memory and blast processing 2.0

  9. Looks pretty “this-gen” to me… Where’s the wow effect that usually comes with showing off next-gen graphics?

    • The gameplay trailer looks like a cartoony version of Uncharted 3. It looks nice, but it doesn’t blow my mind.

    • Honestly I doubt the next Xbox or PS will increase in graphical power its more like memory maybe or that tru-1080p stuff at 60fps or whatever (gulps) a gimmick to sell like motion control or VR..?

  10. Looks like coronation street until before you click into the picture.

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