First Next-Gen Screenshot Appears

Apparently this is the first in-engine shot of Beyond Good and Evil 2.


We don’t know where AGB got it from (they don’t tend to source) but they’re claiming this is the first shot of Ancel’s new game, one that’s widely believed to be exclusively for the next generation of consoles.

The Ubisoft title is said to be parkour based, yet in development before EA’s thematically similar Mirrors Edge.

Click on the image to see it in all its 720p glory.

Yes, apparently the next generation won’t be running at 4k after all. Who knew? Let’s hope we can see more than a dusty old street next time.

Update: the image is from GAF, not AGB.

You might want to check out this video from 2009 for more info.



  1. This isn’t next gen, this is

    current gen screenshot
    with 720p which is old and 1080p+ it should be….

    My next gen pc does a better job… oh yeh thats y pc is still gonna be 10x better lol

  2. Hmm…
    Doesn’t seem to be a big step-up from this gen.
    Pretty sure Naughty Dog might be able to match that by making Uncharted 4 on PS3.

    But then, this screenshot doesn’t match up to the new Unreal Engine ‘Bladerunner’ video.

  3. 720 f-ing p? No way dudes.

  4. It must be for a Wii U or something.

    • Good point actually. The article says next-gen console, but that doesn’t mean PS4 or Nextbox. It’s probably Wii U – some developers already mentioned, that Wii U’s specs aren’t that impressive (more like Nintendo catching up with current gen).

  5. Not impressed enough to spend my money. I think next gen really needs to be highly impressive in many areas including graphics. I like my gadgets as much as the next person but with a long term ps3, a newly purchased 360 and vita I have enough high quality games to last a few years yet – not including new games yet to come.

  6. I think this can just be dismissed as either fake, or not a benchmark. Not all games for consoles have to push it’s graphical capabilities guys :3

  7. If it’s not 1080p all the way, then it’s pointless upgrading.

  8. if thats next gen, then I wont be buying, simples.

  9. Next gen need to be 1080p for 90% of games. We’ll see a few 720p games in the form of Call of Duty, but there’s no need for 4K at all for 99.9 % of the userbase.

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