Microsoft Confirm $99 Xbox 360

Microsoft have confirmed earlier rumours that they’re going to offer a $99 Xbox 360 by – well – offering it – at least via the Microsoft Store website.

As expected, the deal requires a minimal upfront fee and then just shy of $15 a month for two years.


That gets you the console (4GB model), Kinect and Live Gold.

The offer’s only available in the States, but is surely something both Sony and Microsoft will be looking at closely for next gen.



  1. I bought a 4GB XBOX360 with Kinect for £200 a year ago to see me through the PSN outage, to play GoW3 and to dabble with Kinect. I sold it this weekend for £125 to put towards a new 160GB PS3 (my 40GB went YLOD).

    £200 initial outlay + £40 for XBOX Live means I paid £9.50 per month for my year of XBOX360 usage. By my reckoning this deal would cost around £12 per month so if you don’t have the initial outlay it’s not a bad deal.

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