More PSP Compatibility Coming To PS Vita On May 15th

Looks like the PS Vita will get a boost to its PSP playback functionality this month, with Dylan Cuthbert hinting that PixelJunk Monsters Deluxe at least will finally be playable on the new portable.

“The “Deluxe” PSP version will even run on your PS Vita as of May 15th!,” he said, as part of a feature on the PlayStation Blog.


That’s the same day PixelJunk 4am is out, and – we assume – some kind of firmware update for the Vita – PSP compatibility has been somewhat lacking and so this could be a very welcome fix if it’s more than just one game.

In the US, Racers, Monsters, Eden, and Shooter will all be on sale for $1 from tonight.



  1. PS1 and netflix compatibility would be better…getting a bit tired of waiting now.

    • cant understand why they havent even released the netflix app in europe yet when its been out in on the US store since launch!

      • There’s someone in London with a Vita and Netflix working as near has discovered it a few times.

  2. What about my gigantic collection of UMD tittles!
    What should I do with those!
    I supported the damn thing from day 1 when everyone were simply pirating their games, and now I have a big pille of UMDs (half of those are still waiting to be played) and no digital tittles. Sony has a weird way to say “thank you” with their middle finger…

    • I’ve got a idea. Why not play them on a PSP. I swear some people have issues owning more than one system. That’s why losing PS2 support on PS3 never bothered me because if I want to play PS2 games then I’ll boot up my PS2.

      • What? PSP games works on a PSP?

      • the vita does have a far superior analog control though doesn’t it?
        that’s one benefit of playing psp games on a vita.

        i’d love to try the psp tomb raider games on vita, they were bloody horrible with that awful analog nub.

        as for the ps2 thing, i’d rather have one machine under my tv than half a dozen.

        mind you nearly full bc was never an option for europe was it, not after that bs shortage excuse they pulled out their arse so they could delay it while they crippled features exclusively for the eu machine.

        yeah, i am still bitter about that. >_<

    • Almost read tittles wrong…

    • @hazelam Ive played tomb raider anniversary on vita and felt control scheme was just fine. Tempted by legend but reviews not so good so I’m sceptical.

  3. Woah, wait, $1 for those PixelJunk games is amazing!

  4. Not much point in the PSP version but the prices are good if you’ve never bought a Pixeljunk game.

  5. I’m not sure if downloading this would be a good idea for my social life – I got moaned at a whole lot when I used to plough hours and hours into the PS3 version.

  6. is that just for the us version though?

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