Portal 2 Map Editor DLC Now Out

The Portal 2 Test Chamber editor DLC is now available, fire up Steam and you’ll be able to update it right away. The DLC also contains new Cave Johnson dialog, as seen in the video above.


By all accounts, the editor is supremely easy (and yet powerful) and integrates slickly into the main game itself, with chambers testable without any faffing at all.

User created ones are already available, barely minutes after the DLC was pushed live.

It was previously stated that the PS3 at least would be able to play levels created by users in this fashion, although that’s all gone quiet since the initial news.



  1. Portal 2 by far the best game I have bought for this console yet!

  2. but i want to create something on my PS3….. ;(

    ohh well, going to be fun to play some awesome chambers other awesome dudes have done… =D

    • I don’t think anybody’s sure that they will be for PC? If they are, I wonder when the patch will arrive. Speaking of that.. has anybody checked to see if there is a patch?

      • The patch came out on PC at 7PM. Im trying to download it but my Steam is playing up.

      • Yeah, I was thinking more like playing levels others have created, as I heard that content would be on PS3.

    • @Burgess sorry, I meant PS3 :(

      • I dont think it will ever come out for the ps3. The Editor would be a nightmare on a pad. I just made my first chamber and it is really optimised for Keyboard and mouse.

  3. Any news on price? I’m stuck at work.

  4. Anyone want a steam code to accompany their ps3 portal? I have one I don’t want, so going spare it is. Bit of Yoda grammar for you there.

    • I wouldn’t mind one if the offer still stands please.

      • Yeah it is! I sent you a pm, did you get it? It didn’t show up in my sent box, hmm.

  5. Shiiiiiiiiiiit. Still haven’t bought this. Right this weekend gonna definitely buy games I have missed.

  6. Just had a quick mess about on this. Pretty good and very simple to use. The community has already put out some amazing levels. Oh and TSA has a Steam group somewhere. Quite a few of us on there if you want to come and join in.

  7. Kicking myself at the moment. I put off getting Portal2 for ages and, now that I actually want to play it, my local Blockbuster don’t appear to be stocking it :(

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