Square Enix Announce GameGlobe – Browser Game With UGC

Square Enix, along with BigPoint, have just announced GameGlobe, a browser-based game with a heavy emphasis on user generated content.

“It’s impossible not to have noticed the shift in the games industry in the past few years as online has become increasingly prominent,” said Phil Rogers, CEO at Square Enix Europe, to Gamasutra.


“There are, of course, many different aspects to online play – but we see social and collaborative play as something that players of all types are increasingly interested in.”

The game, which is an adventure first and UGC second, will be free to play.

“The creation system in Gameglobe is something we’re very proud of,” says Rogers. “At this stage we can confirm that it’s more than just a level editor; we will be giving users the ability to create from scratch, shaping and morphing the world to deliver their creative vision.

“The create tool is incredibly powerful but remains accessible and easy to use.”

The dual studio partnership has resulted in a new studio, named Hapti.co.



  1. Will be interesting to see how it works out but it sounds good.

  2. Hopefully the paying side isn’t too bad.

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