White PS Vita Announced

Sony has announced a white (“Crystal White”) PlayStation Vita for Japan. The new model is due on June 28th, and will be followed by a Hatsune Miku version on August 30th.


The price for the 3G and Wi-fi versions will be the same as the black Vita. The special Hatsune Miku version will come with a 4GB memory card, a special AR card and a screen protector.

Source: AndriaSang.



  1. Do like my white tech I have to say. My white Sony Xperia S is a beauty. I might have to invest in Vita at this point

    • My white PSPgo is absolutely lovely. Doubt a Vita would be as pretty though.

  2. Looks pretty.

  3. I don’t usually like white electricals as they seem to get grubby quickly, but that does look tasty.

  4. I’d rather see some new games, than a new colour!

  5. There’s been white Vitas in the promo trailers for ages, they do look rather nice but I bet those of us with grubby mits could ruin the pristine finish in Jo time flat! The back of my mates white PSP is not a pretty sight ;)

  6. White one looks nice.
    Not too sure about the one with the girl on the back though- it’s the touchpad.
    Anyone looking at you playing is just going to see you constantly stroking that girl.

    I like my black Vita, it hides the dirt it picks up well enough.

    I remember at the initial reveal, either of the NGP or the Vita, there were 3 colours. If I had a choice day 1, I’d have taken the third option from that day- a grey Vita.

  7. Hmm… Less visible fingerprints, darker blacks on screen, but draws focus away from the screen. Looks cool, but I don’t think a colour is enough to make me trade. The black looks sexy with the fake metal. Now if they where to bring out one in Uncharted Bronze, I’d reconsider.

  8. Ehh, fed up of launch consoles getting limited/no colour selection :l

  9. I have a nice metallic blue case for my black Vita so a white one doesn’t intrest me

  10. Lets have some crazy day-glo colours to go with my neon nineties socks please.

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