Major Dead Space 3 Info Leak: Co-op, Cover System, Enemies Detailed

IGN has gone live with a big Dead Space 3 leak, citing a ‘source’ and detailing a good chunk of the game that EA have still yet to really talk about outside of investor calls. Whilst we’re expecting a good look at Dead Space 3 at EA next month, this serves as a handy taster.

Warning, whilst we can’t verify any of this information, we suggest there are massive spoilers below.


The site talks about “drop-in, drop out co-op”, with Isaac’s partner someone with a “gnarly scar on his face, an engineering RIG of his own, and glowing red eyes peering from his helmet”. They also confirm previous rumours that the game will be set in a snowy, desolate location.

“At one point in Dead Space 3,” says the leak, “Isaac and his counterpart stumble, wounded, bloody, and missing chunks of armor, out of burnt wreckage together. In single-player, the same scene happens without the other character.”

“Players will also work together (using telekinesis, for instance) to interact with pieces of the environment. In addition, you’ll be able to share ammo with and heal your co-op partner, although there is no revive system – once someone’s down and dead, both players reload the last checkpoint.”

There are changes to the weaponry, too.  “The Plasma Cutter, whose default horizontal shot changed to vertical, is an entirely different weapon now,” says the detailed, but somewhat speculative report. “Its alt-fire mode now has a similar knockback effect to the Force Gun. The Pulse Rifle features the saw-blades as a secondary firing mode.”

Isaac himself is more nimble, too, and it looks like there’s a cover system on the way.

“Crouching is one of Isaac’s most notable new abilities, and it functions as his means of cover as he hides behind small objects. The left/right evasive roll is unquestionably the most significant change we know of in his new skill set.”

And enemies? Human beings, alongside the usual Necromorphs. “Heavily armored soldiers pack guns and grenades to use against you,” say IGN.

“Of course, these guys become Necromorphs as well.”

Source: IGN.



  1. *Drools*

  2. Man that does sound ace…..Cannot wait! :D

  3. Sounds like Resident Evil 5 to me. Less suspense and more action I would guess

    • Exactly my thoughts too.

      Of course DS2 kinda led the way to this point though, as that was les suspenseful & more action orientated too. This just seems to be taking the next logincal step.

  4. Want! I guess I’ll have to finish DS2…

  5. I love it when something that is a critical success is gradually changed into something completely different over time. It, historically, always goes really really well.

    • You broke my sarcasm detector :(

    • Perhaps it’s a little too early to judge

      • Dead Space was ace and one of my favourite games of the current gen. Dead Space 2 for the opening 75% of the game was excellent then it seemed that the last 25% was rushed and the game was therefore not as good as it should have been. Then ending was embarrassing.

        Add to that a tacked on MP that had little need to be there and was probably responsible for the drop off on the single player and I simply foresee the inevitable Unreal powered Executive led, EA “blockbuster” that will disappoint those who expected better.

        I’ll still buy it though. In the bargain bucket, 2 months later.

      • Well I know quite a few people who prefered the second game, including me. I guess they can’t please everyone, and there wouldn’t be much point in buying a SP game it if it was exactly the same as the previous game, just with a different, isolated setting. Agreed MP was tacked on, but there’s often the pressure to include a MP element these days – a hoard mode might have been better suited for Dead Space.

  6. Yes, I wanted co-op!! Different Rig for the other player also sounds good and hopefully provides a different upgrade node-tree!

  7. Wait..wasn’t Dead Space a survival horror before moving to the action genre? Anyway I hope Issac turns into a necromorph at the endgame that would be amazing.

  8. Hmm, some of that sounds great, some not so much. It’s too early to judge obviously but it’s sounding a little too action packed for a series that is widely considered one of the best horror games this gen. Still, co-op sounds great. Hell, co-op is always great :D

  9. Here’s hoping it’s a good entry for the franchise. If the first two have been similar in style and pacing to Alien and Aliens, let’s hope we don’t get Alien 3 with this!

    Co-op is of great interest to me, so it’s nice to see that mooted, though I will miss the Rifle’s underslung :(

  10. Co-op sounds like a good feature. Although, nothing is as scary if you have someone else there to help you.

    A cover system? Riiiiiight. I guess this is because there are now human enemies. I doubt it will come in handy against necromorphs. I’ll wait until details are official because really giving this any thought.

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