SCEE Confirm Starhawk Is Blu-ray Only

SCEE have just confirmed that Lightbox Interactive’s Starhawk is a Blu-ray only title.

Yesterday we were told it would be on PSN this week, but that was quickly dispelled by the developer’s Dylan Jobe.


The game will release purely on Blu-ray today in Europe and Friday in the UK. It’s presumably a fairly weighty title anyway, requiring a bit of an install to get going.

Sony have moved towards day one digital downloads with the PSP Go (and the Vita, of course) but there’s no such parity yet with the mainline console releases.

Starhawk includes a copy of the original PS1 Warhawk for download.



  1. great news about the original, I probably will not touch it, but its a nice add on from LB and Sony. Really looking forward to this, I’ve been watching vids online from the US..

  2. Stupid.

  3. Not sure I’ll buy a retail copy…

    • I hope thats a joke? lol Not only is it going to be great, its going to be cheaper.

  4. Sonys loss not mine, i’ve got diablo 3 downloaded and rdy to play so i’m happy.

  5. No doubt in the future this will come to PSN. I’m pretty certain.

  6. Hardly any new big games come out as digital download games at the same time as the retail copy does so i can’t see why people are moaning for(oh i forgot, people like to find fault with anything SONY does) LoL:D Anyway i love my games to be on Blu-ray discs :P A copy i can see & hold & smell?!?! when i open the box for the 1st time etc etc… :D

    • the moaning is because they dropped the ball, Dylan Jobe said it is not planned for launch, then Sony said it was, DJ disputes and finally Sony works out it is not. You are right through, simultaneous Blu and Digi releases are not common yet, I can’t think of any.

    • SCEE has a reputation for cocking things up so a lot of people are moaning about the poor communcation from SCEE about Starhawk being retail only and not on PSN. I swear monkeys work at SCEE.

    • Warhawk was download only, no reason Starhawk can’t be download as well.

  7. EU has been treated badly by Sony PR numpties over Starhawk, I finally got a poor reply on the EU blog (todays post) after weeks of trying to engage someone over the lack of a UK Limited Edition, the issue has clearly been the PAL conversion of PS1 Warhawk taking time, BUT they could have made this clear. I reckon this will have affected EU preorders, which is a shame.

    Starhawk should be forced on every PS3 owner BY LAW :D

  8. I am not surprised that the kings of royally cocking up have cocked up again. Did noone at SCEE think to inform us a few weeks before release or correct the error they made?

    Plus a lot of people are going to pissed off as they’ve probably went out and bought a PSN voucher just for Starhawk.

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