EA Withdrawing Non-Rented Battlefield 3 Servers

Venturebeat is reporting that EA are gradually pulling pretty much every ‘official’ Battlefield 3 server, leaving only a few remaining amongst those that gamers have themselves ‘rented’ as a means of playing the game online.

Renting a server costs $30 a month, and once you have control over one you can set your own rules. Thankfully, most of them are still open for others to join freely, even if the rules (and hosts) might not always be to your taste.


“Initially there were plenty of official DICE and EA servers running concurrently with the new private servers,” says the article, “however, console players have noticed the official servers disappearing, to the point where DICE-managed servers are no longer visible.”

Users are understandably annoyed.

“I haven’t played in over two weeks because of it,” said one in a question and answer session on Reddit, “abusive admins and 2000% ticket servers are everywhere and I can’t seem to find a normal server with vanilla BF3.”

Conquest mode, the mode that set up Battlefield, appears to be almost completely absent on the few remaining official servers.

Something tells me the rental system really took off, starting making lots of money and then EA saw there was little reason to keep the free, public servers running.

But perhaps I’m just being a cynical old fogey.



  1. I just got a tweet from official Battlefield saying official servers are going back online.

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