Worldwide PS Vita Sales Figures Released

Worldwide sales figures for the PlayStation Vita have emerged, with Sony claiming 1.8 million units shifted since release up until the end of March 2012.

In an earnings call this morning, Kaz Hirai said that the figure was “a good start”.


“A game platform, like Vita – the software is the key to success, how good the software is,” said Hirai. “We have to reinforce the software area in order to improve the business, that is the basic line.”

“We still have a very high motivation to develop this further. There is no change. And services and software must be strengthened.

Sony had already confirmed that 1.2 million units had shifted at the end of February, which means that just over half a million were sold in the last month.



  1. Thats goodish, all it needs really is loads of quality software and well maybe lower prices.

  2. I expected that for Europe alone. I have faith it will grow but it think SCE need to lean on Devs to get release dates out of AAA 3rd party games.

  3. Lower than I expected & a hell of a way to go (as these figs are since launch) if they’re going to sell 16m handhelds this year of which 4-6m will be PSP.

    Top games being £35-45 won’t help either, especially when you can get the same sort of thing for £6.99 or less on other mobile platforms

    The game has changed!

    • not really 59 percent of apps don’t break even.

    • May be low but I still see a few that wouldn’t mind paying £35 for something like Mortal Kombat.

      • Like me. I’m more than willing to spend my money on the likes of Gravity Rush, and recently anounced Soul Sacrifice. I saw the new iPad and a variety of games, but it just doesn’t click with me. Virtual buttons suck. Even something like GTA III was a pain to play because of them.

    • The only thing the iPad is lacking is a decent bluetooth controller and software support for one. now if only the dual shock could be paired with an iPad.

      • How difficult would that be?!? Rest the ipad on the knee, use controller, ‘bump’ oh sh1t the ipad is on the floor…..
        Also comparing prices is difficult because to play games like angry birds costs £400.69 while the cost to play something like unchartered is £210 (Bought my vita for £180 and unchartered easily found for £30 – although I’ve seen this is now cheaper!).

      • And how big is the Vita screen compared to an iPad?
        How many apps are available to the vita?
        Price of games on the vita – £25-£40
        Price of games on the iPad – 0.00 – 69pence – £4.99

        8 vita games @ RRP = £240
        8 iPad games @ RRP = <£24.00 but most likely around £10.00 or less.
        Can I get uncharted on the iPad? No, am I bothered… no
        Can I get a massive selection of Apps for the vita, apps that do everything from Astronomy to Zoology? NO.

        Dont kid yourself, iPad gaming is coming along nicely, with or without you. Ignorance is bliss.

      • prefer the Vita over tablets myself never used my ipad for gaming the difference in games is huge on Vita.

      • @stonyk
        Adding on the price of the iPad is a bit of a folly, people own a combination of different devices to get the everyday functionality & services they require, whether it be gaming, phoning, mobile data, work, apps & programs… & you’ve not added them on to the Vita. N.O.V.A. 3 is playable on smartphones & tablets, it’s likely everyone will own a phone so if you get a capable one then you’re away & play with no extra device purchase needed. If you’ve bought a tablet you’ve done to probably replace a laptop, whereas it’s likely a Vita owner would need a phone + laptop purchase to compliment it with stuff they want to do, or whatever…

        Adding price of devices just confuses the issue, which is why I mentioned software prices only.

        So like I said: The game has changed! when you can see what’s around for £6.99… as opposed to £40 a pop

        And this is what is possible now, nevermind in a few years when they’ll be massive improvements in phone tech, with each passing month, when the Vita is still stuck with what was advanced when it went into manufacture in 2011.

        Yes I agree virtual buttons are limiting, this is one of the reason I prefer Android so I can just link a PS3/360 controller to the phone/tablet & I’m good to go & as for holding the tablet… I just whack it on my charging stand

    • Still looks cheap enough to be ignored. That’s how Gameloft will always roll B).

  4. I am one of those proud 1.8milli who bought the vita.

    Now can anyone tell me how to beat shao khan in mk, this guy going cause me to throw my vita away

    • Lure him into throwing his spear/hammer, teleport in for a hit then back away and repeat. Cheap and effective!

      • Be Liu Kang and > > K whatever the command was (MK2 experience)

  5. 1.8 million sounds all right to me. Not stellar but without a holiday season and only a couple of real flagship games so far, that seems steady enough.
    It needs a huge action RPG like Skyrim, Grand Theft Auto and Call of Duty to sell it to the masses who just don’t connect with the Sony exclusives. A version of Minecraft probably wouldn’t do it any harm, either ;)

    • It had a holiday season in Japan!

      But, yeah, don’t mention the Vita in Japan. Ouch.

  6. Not huge but not a complete disaster either.

  7. the same old average figures from SOny. They need to up their game to bring the big bucks I think.

  8. I wonder what these figures would have been like if Sony could of just got the release a few months earlier and thus be out before xmas. Although then there would have been even less games so it would have probably failed even more.

    • “failed even more”

      Aw :(
      stop hating

  9. Shifted?
    The Vita is lacking good games, apart from Rayman Origins, which I also have on PS3, Vita is boring. Doesn’t have the wow factor or launch line up of PSP.

    • What? some of them are good… nobody likes them all and well thats it, like your fighters? Marvel is a pretty good port plus MK is nice apparently then you have your sports with Everybody Golf and Virtua Tennis 4 plus the odd PSN game. etc etc

  10. Bring on LittleBigPlanet, Killzone and Rayman Legends!

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