Beyond Good & Evil 2 Tech Video, Probably Very Old

Don’t get excited, this is just more dusty streets and fish signs.

This appears to be scenes from the video leaked in 2009 so it’s pretty safe to assume this video is of the same age. It certainly doesnt look ‘next gen’ and that is not suprising as Beyond Good and Evil 2 only moved to next gen in 2011.

I have posted the 2009 video below so you can make comparisons or if you’re really bored, play ‘Spot the cow’.

Source: YouTube  / YouTube / NeoGAF.



  1. *coughs* uncharted!

  2. Chala chaya chaya chayaw chayaw

  3. Let’s be honest, this game is never going to be released, is it? PS4 or not.

    Or it could end up being the next Duke Nukem Forever.

  4. The song in the first video is very catchy

  5. not much moo-vement in the first video. ^_^

  6. Wow, i hadn’t seen any of those before and it’s very different to the first game. Cartoon visuals swapped for photo-realistic, no evidence of the different sapiens/species of the first game, and the cool “mirror’s edge”-like sequence in the second video makes me suspect that the gameplay is also going to be completely different from the first game, probably in keeping with the real-world looks.

  7. Still hope this finds daylight, played the first one there a couple of months ago and loved it.

  8. Why is it set in india now? All the cows, the rotor pods on the plane she jumps to has indian flag colours on it. The song in the first video (which may have been added by someone other than the devs) is hindi…

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